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Is a Tongue Kiss Appropriate for First Date

Dating for the first time or dating for the first time in years you may still feel this question pop in your head.  Will it hurt your...

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5 Best 2nd Date Conversations

Ever wondered what’s an appropriate conversation and what was not when dating? I’ve always said by the 1st date you at least...

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5 Best Styles to Wear on Your First Date

Ever feel over-dressed or under dressed when going on a date? Have you stared at the mirror hoping that your guy at least dresses as half...

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5 Reasons to Go For Younger Men

Once a woman hits 30 she usually has her career in check and is pretty knowledgeable about what she wants when it comes to a relationship....

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How to Get Pass the Fear Of Dating

Dating for the first time or after years has passed can be very scary and even more unsettling if it’s been 10 years or more.  What...

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5 Ways to Attract a Good Man By Online Dating Profile

There was a relationship conference I went to just last week that I helped host. The event was for single women and finding out what were...

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How to Get A Guy to Take You on a Second Date

You’ve check your cell phone a few time and he has not called. You’re wondering how he really feels about you and if he had a good time....

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5 Reasons A Man Might Reject You

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This may be true. Men do think and feel entirely different than women when it comes...

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What to Do When a Hot Guy Approaches You?

I can definitely say some women are experts at knowing exactly what to say to a guy when they are approached. But the rest of us may be...

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5 Super Cool Places to Have a Date

Dating someone should be fun and exciting. Where you go the first few months can determine how much fun you will actually have or in other...

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