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5 Ways to Attract a Good Man By Online Dating Profile

There was a relationship conference I went to just last week that I helped host. The event was for single women and finding out what were their biggest triumph in dating. It was not a surprise to hear that most women today do not like online dating – it is considered desperate. I seriously beg the differ. Online dating, if done right, can bring many prospects that you were not able to get anywhere else. I do believe in opening all opportunities to find a guy, but online dating can help your chances about 50%. We instructed women on how to create an online profile that will bring more responses and how to date men online that is secure and safe.

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Below are 5 ways to attract a good man through online dating profile:

1. Make sure your HEADLINE is very specific about what you want. No cutesy headline names that are going to attract the wrong person. First, know what you want. If you are interested in only dating put: Dating Only. Are You Interested? If you want a long-term commitment say: Long-Term Relationship Friendship First. Headlines like this will help you attract the man you want faster.

2. Description should accompany the headline and still stay on point about what you want. The next mistake women make when creating a profile is that they talk about themselves and beat around the bush about what they aspect from the guy. If you like tall men say, “Men over 6 feet only.” The first paragraph should be detailed about they age, height, race, education and likes. Are you flexible? Should your new guy know a certain language or Tae Kwando? If so write it here. This is not the point to be shy.

3. Second paragraph in description to talk about who you are and what you like. Do you like to dance? What type of music you like? What do you do for a living? What are your favorite things to do on your down time?

4. No more putting up half naked pics or pics that only your grandma will love. Your online profile should have at least 6 photos. 2 of the photos should be close ups and 2 need to be at least body shots. Show only legs and cleavage. Leave the other stuff for their imagination.

5. Don’t respond to one word messages. Guys that send, “Hi.” Or “Your sexy,”don’t need responses. Avoid them! You want a guy that knows what he wants and is specific about your profile and what he finds interested about you. Only reply to guys who participate at least one full sentence.

Final Words

When you know what you want it easier to attract men that also know what they want. If you are not specific you attract just that. Be more discriminating with who you talk to. If he is not what you looking for then don’t waste your time. You have no obligation to continue conversation with someone that is not what you want. Make sure you text one friend where you are going before your date, send a photo of the guy and his name. Meet in public places your first few dates. This will increase security on your part. Dating online can be safe and fun if done right. You can meet a great person that maybe a long-term friendship.

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