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Pheromone Spray or Roll-on?

My personal experience with pheromone product dates back 4 years ago.  I was introduce to them by a Pure Romance representative. I thought why not and wanted to try it on my next date. I decided on the roll-on “Basic Instinct” because I knew it would blend with my own perfume and natural scent as well ass easy to apply. I also, later on, purchased spray pheromones that was seemingly more effective perhaps because it noted in the product that it does not matter where you put it on your body.

True Roll-on Experience Verses Spray

Roll-on works best when applied in areas where you might sweat more, because your sweat aka your natural pheromones, mix with this product to produce more of your natural smell- or something like that. Simply put, if you sweat in the same area where you applied this, you can smell YOU more. So, areas like the back of your neck, the crease in your elbow, and maybe for those who have boob cleavage.  That would work best for the sexual enhancement this is, as well as a perfect place to draw men towards. I also noticed that if I put this on my neck, while blow drying my hair afterwards, the heat of the air brings out the pheromone smell. So it might just be wherever your body warms up vs. where you sweat.

Pheromone Natural Power ” spray is my favorite. I don’t know how to describe the way it smells but it is very soft, yet noticeable. It is supposed to smell differently on each person as it reacts with body chemistry and I believe it. I had my friend try some on and it smelled completely different on her. I think that is pretty amazing.  My husband, who never really notices my perfume (and believe me, I switch them out pretty often), immediately noticed this. One thing I noticed about this particular brand is that it said to apply a couple of sprays to your clothing as well. That seemed kind of strange to me but I did it. After a short time I couldn’t smell myself anymore but my husband sure could. I like this…makes me feel good when I wear it and my husband likes it too.


It seems that sprays have won the comparison but why not use both. A small roll on in key places and the spray to put on your clothes – just a small amount. I say play around with it and see what works for you. I am definitely a pheromone product advocate and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have it work.

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