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Is a Tongue Kiss Appropriate for First Date

Dating for the first time or dating for the first time in years you may still feel this question pop in your head.  Will it hurt your chance of a relationship? You are out with a cute guy that you want to see if more will happen. He reaches to kiss you and you let him and then boom his tongue is in your mouth. Too much? Most women’s response is different varies on their comfort. Some say that if a man doesn’t try to at least give a peck on the first date than they don’t feel he is that interested. Others say that it will be too much and they feel kissing a stranger especially French kissing is going overboard and turns them off immediately.

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According to a woman who dates often recently, “What is inappropriate about doing what comes naturally? I’m going to assume that if that happened, the two people have a powerful attraction – one that goes beyond “like” and is something much greater. I’m also going to assume that the kiss is beyond their control. I’m not saying they would be powerless to stop it, or control their behavior, but it’s a KISS, and they are falling in love…so why should they?”

I totally agree with this bold statement made on Askville.  It’s all about your comfort. If the date is going well and fireworks are going off than why not allow that guy to land one on you? I also feel if tongue kissing on the first date is not your thing than don’t feel obligated. It’s not a must. It most likely won’t ruin your chances of getting in a serious relationship with the guy – either way.

Final Thoughts

You may feel dazed by your first romantic date with Mr. Right.  In fact, so taken and swept off your feet when he lands one you forget all about those virtues you set upon yourself. Teehee. If it does happen let it be. There’s nothing wrong with allowing a guy to kiss you if you are feeling a good connection. You have nothing to lose.

Author: Jessica Brown

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  1. A wise woman with a big ass said many decades ago a hot mooch often leads to a hot pooch in the gooch

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