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Why Men Pheromones are Relaxing to Women

Bye-Bye to aroma therapy hello to men’s pheromones. No more searching for your favorite candle or oil scent to help you relax before...

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Can Threesomes Hurt Relationships?

 Threesomes hurt relationships… …says Dr. Karen Ruskin.  It’s understandable for couples to want to fulfill their...

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How to Have Romance While You’re Single

Romance is not dead. It is living and thriving. Here’s how to have romance while you’re single! You’ve just forgotten...

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How To Make a Man Chase You

You can make a man chase you by exchanging a few bad habits for some healthy ones. There are countless circumstances that make a man and a...

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5 Ways To Have the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had

  Have you ever had days when you wish you would’ve prevented a disastrous night of sex… …or at least been spared being...

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6 Confidence Boosters for Women

Having a lot of confidence will allow you to attract almost anything in life. Unfortunately, all of us suffer from thinking that pull us...

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How To Be A Confident Teenage Girl?

You might have noticed in nature that when some creature display weakness it become obvious to others around. The lion hunts the easiest...

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How To Be More Confident Around Him?

Confidence is the most attractive thing both in men and women. And, most of us struggle all our life asking ‘how to be more confident?’ at...

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Why Hot White Women Are Often Attracted To Black Men?

Honestly, there is no law of attraction between men and women, still it is said that most white women attracted to black men. It is common...

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5 Things That Attract Men

Attraction between men and women is common and when it comes to just men, there are many things that attract men. When seeking partner for...

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