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Why Hot White Women Are Often Attracted To Black Men?

Honestly, there is no law of attraction between men and women, still it is said that most white women attracted to black men. It is common sight that white women often date black men than white men. However, every woman has different likings when it comes to dating a man of her choice. Generally white women are very partial to black men and often respond them in a positive manner.

Why hot white Women attracted to black men?

Attraction is more about your likings to a particular boy or color. Many hot white women find many attractive qualities in black men and they fall for them! Here are the few amazing reasons

White Woman & Black Man

More masculine and aggressive

According to white women, black men are more insistent and masculine. As compared to white men, they are more aggressive and have masculine sex appeal that attracts women.

Black skin seems more sensuous

In the viewpoint of hot white women, the black skin is more lush, thick and sensuous. They feel luxury caressing to the skin of Black men. Of course many Black men are good in Bed, which maximum white women look for so this is another reason of attraction.

Black men are more likely to marry white women

This is another fact about the two races that black men are more likely to marry white women than black women marrying white men. This is the major reason why white women are attracted to black men.

Black men have confidence in their masculinity

Yes all women like confident men! In comparison with white men, black men have more confidence in their masculinity so they are more appreciated by white women. They know that they are men and yet they are gentlemen so they make women feel respected and desired.

They have style and know art of flirting

Of course every woman likes healthy flirting and Black men are certainly good in that. They have more energy, style and edge and know the art of flirting. They are damn sexy and they know how to make women feel sexy.

It is quite common with white men that they are being raised in feminist households and do not know how to treat and behave a woman like a woman till the time they get older. It takes a long period to find this out. On the other hand, with Black men this problem is least as their way of upbringing is very different than white men. So definitely their way of behaving with women is different and gentle. Where men know the tacks to attract women anytime and anywhere, white women also know how to attract men in public!


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          • I am a black woman married to a black man. My ex-husband is White and his ex-wife is White the two of us are very very attractive people. He’s a successful entrepreneur while I’m a stay at home mom our youngest being 1, 2 and three years old. He takes very good care of our family and has never hit me. Both of us are educated. We have a beautiful relationship and We’ve never had any issues with infidelity. I think what you said was wrong. I used to have the same opinion of black man that’s why I never dated them He changed all that for me. All black men are not the same. My husband works, is non-violent, very well educated and is far from a loser!

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    • That the fact..swallow it or vomit still remains to be the fact.

    • Im black and i agree with you

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      • Missed this post.

        Man, many of you black dudes really believe what you want to believe. Another black guy who it soothes to resort to the old “jealous white guy” defense. Comical. You would absolutely love it if a white guy was jealous. It is your absolute wish for white men to be jealous in your sick heads. You relish in those thoughts. Once again, this post demonstrates how fragile the ego is for many black men and how they can’t handle the fact that for the amount of attractive white women who like black men, there are just as many attractive white women who don’t like black men(and greater amounts in certain areas of the U.S. and abroad depending on where you live).

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      • True that bro

      • They are sure not gapping for black men because they own everything or that it is a safe thing to do. If they had at home what they wanted, then there would be no need to go outside searching to find it…It certainly is not all about penis sizes but how its used plays a big part.Otherwise ,why are whute men and white fenales so fascinated with the issue.. Read these bloggs..

    • White men and black men are the same, you got femenin black guys and white guys, masculine blacks and whites big black dicks big white dicks, it not truth to say blacks or whites are bigger better or superior . thats bs its all about preference you like black dick or white dick but to say black or white is superior or better than the other is bs in the mind of some dumb white or black misinformed bitch

      • Dale you must be white.. There are ions of differences between blacks and white men. They might have some similar physucal attributes but their attitudes with regards to them are quite different, emotionally, stylistically,psychologically,socially,culturally,and other ways. That are questions that should be only answered by women regulary involved with multiples of both..All we are getting here are personal opinions

    • Yes it is

    • Yes it is

    • No shit most black guys i know are dogs and treat women like shit. Most have a girl or two on the side even though they be married

      • It is a fact tgat makes who have large sex organs usually participate more at sex wuth more partners.
        For mzny reasons ; shch as confident , pride,pleasant feedback (from partners), word of mouth, more aggressive,less fearful of females,masculine mannerism in publjc,out spoken and many things tgat draws fenales attentions.

    • This is racist nonsense.

      White women know that black men have different genes to them – This is why they are so attracted to them.

      And it works the other way – Black women are similarly attracted to white men.

      Source Dr Robin Baker – The book Sperm Wars

      • Thanks for speaking sanity amongst some disappointingly shallow comments.

    • No it’s not! It’s all true!!

    • Maybe Iam blind but these white women that with black men or any man of color are usually far from hot and you all know that!!

  2. The only white women I see with black men are fat, old, ugly or plain janes.

    • I am an attractive, educated white woman who has never had a problem attracting white men. I have also been involved with several black men,one of them an MD.

      • I’m sure you have. That’s not something to brag about tho, miss Harlot.

      • Hi there I am Brown An M.D. and an interesting and joyful person.

      • what happened in your past dated

      • Racism will never end in the whole world but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date whom ever you like or love. love people shines brighter than the morning Sun. What I like about white women is that they don’t want to change their identity like African women and they’re committed and dedicated.African ladies want Bonding hair/Brazilian hair etc. once you marry her you must know you’ve married her whole family. If women were on sale i’d pop in the supermarket and ask for a white woman especially the Afrikaans Speaking.

        • It’s all the same color on the inside fellows…never been with a black woman no desire and have seen some attractive one’s usual half breeds bit here’s the kicker I have fun bull shitting the brothers

        • White females and black femakes are attracted to each race of men for totally different reasons..
          White fenakes are more about curosity, fun, and physical pleasure.Those that I know were more about Care,
          friendship and respect than Love.

          Where as most black women were more about respect,socializing publically,friendship,fun,accepted in all aboved categories,then maybe physical pleasure..There was a difference for me and the guys that i grew up with..

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      • Nope. You are just over estimating your looks.

      • You are enlightened dear,big ups to you. The world is in the chaos its in because stupid people speak the loudest and we feel the need to listen to and follow them…..

    • I didn’t know that Heidi Klum was fat, ugly, old and a plain Jane!

      • LOL. Heidi klum is ugly anyway.

    • Lame…that’s not true.

    • Absolute lie. White beauties like Nicole Trunfio, Doutzen Kroes, Jessica Oyelowo ……are all with black men. Ugly plain white women like Honeyboo mum is with white men. Every trailer park is full of ugly white fat women with white men. Quality black men get beautiful white women.

      • Yes, you’re right… I’m a very attracive woman white married to a loving, hardworking, honest very attractive black man.
        Please keep the disgusting white on whites in the trailer park!!

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      • Yes but black are mire likly to abuse you, it is a fact that black men commit the most crime, it is a fact they commit the most rape it is a fact that they commit the majority pf murdur, most of them are in fuckin prison

        • White men Raped Black women for over 400 years. White Men stole this country from the American indian. White men are still raping and stealing from all race of people on Wall Street and in the corporate offices. Rewrite the rules in the judical system only when the playing field is even. You she read books bout toe truth and stop watching FOX news

        • Omg what era do u live in? U embarrass me

        • You’re spelling should be a crime

      • Yeah slut..if u can’t find a decent white person it’s u.u have low low self esteem and u need the attention

      • You sure? I think you have preety poor taste in judging. Seriously those chicks with them? They were not attractive at all

      • oh please Heidi Klum is the only white woman that is attractive and with a man of color; the irony is the black man she is with is ugly!!

    • You know thats not true though right

    • Very true. They have a self esteem issues their usually overweight blonde.homely.plane Jane or just a slut. No white guy would have anything to do with a white slur like that and most white gals know this plus as a retired cop the abuse n knocking them up and leaving. Leaving the poor kids in the middle. Their the victims. .Funny story my relative call blacks niggers alot. His granddaughters all hook up with worthless black guys.fucking worthless..I have a black buddy I’d take a bullet for exception to the rule. He is in a bi racial marriage. I’m not in favor of. Look at wild life you don’t see a hippo with a rhino. Lion with a tiger..a monkey with a baboon

      • you say only fat ugly white girls would date is marry black men well then maybe you should check out this hot natural blonde hair blue eyed white girl

        Are you gonna try and tell me she’s fat and ugly? loo

    • No I see both attractive & ugly!

    • That’s not true.

    • That’s because human are one species….

    • Or are being paid!

    • I am thin and tan and blonde and I have been fucked by black men and I will tell you they are the best. My hub is nothing compared to them and he knows it-he lets me fuck so I won’t leave him. I am only fucking blacks and they don’t wear rubbers-they cum in me like they should-go ahead-blast me-I don’t care

      • Sure you are probably a black man or an ugly white woman

    • I’m a white woman and happily married to and have kids with a very dark sexy black man and I am certainly not ugly, overweight, nor do I have low self esteem , nor am I ashamed of being white.

      It’s funny actually how so many black women try and say that white women who date and marry black men are ashamed of being white and wish they were black. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have very blonde(almost white) hair that is so long it reaches down to and onto the floor, very bright, very light blue eyes, very fair beautiful white skin, large natural boobs, and a very slim and perfect body, always dress all in bright pink and I wear glasses which are also bright pink. In fact everything I own is pink too. My house, cars, phone, cell hone, computer, laptop, purse, and everything in my house and cars is all bright pink. Men of all races always, including white men who know I’m married to and have kids with a black man tell me I’m the hottest girl they’ve ever seen and that wearing glasses and wearing pink makes me look even hotter. So you can tell pink is my favorite color except when it comes to men of course. I have very high self esteem and I’m also very proud of being white and very proud of my beautiful floor length natural white blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, beautiful white skin, and perfect body.

      I would never want to be a woman of any other race, skin, eye, or hair color. I especially would not want to be a black woman. Black women like you are so ugly and so jealous because we’re so beautiful and men f all races love and want us and no man of any race wants your ugly man looking asses You don’t even look like women . You all look like men.

      I have many beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed white female friends who love and are dating or married to black men,. I also have 3 sisters who are very blonde, blue eyed, very fair skinned and beautiful who love black men. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white girl with a black man who was ugly or overweight. None of my friends or sisters who are dating or married to black men have low self esteem or are ashamed of being white. In fact they are very proud of being blonde hair blue eyed and white and very proud of the way they look and have very high self esteem.

      The reason why so many of us beautiful blondies date, marry, and fuck black men is because they are sexy, have big dicks, and fuck real good. Of course they love us too. Just face it and accept it. Blonde hair blue eyed white girls are the hottest girls and black men the hottest men . Which is why you see so many of us beautiful blondies and sexy black men together. Black women are the ugliest women which is why so many of them can’t get a man of any race and why they are so bitter and jealous especially of beautiful blonde hair blue eyed white girls like me.

  3. White women enjoy pain and punishment. They simply love it where it hurts most and black men are better than white men at inflicting this sort of pain. (lol)

    • Sick in your head. Majority of white women are abused, murdered, cheated on by you perverted white men. Black men who marry white women are faithful and excellent fathers. By black husband is a example. Together for over twenty years, never let me down once.

      • “By black husband”?!!!!!!!! Slut learn how to spell!!
        You are in the minority of black & white couples! Black men are the ones who beat there girlfriends & wife’s & then leave them with several kids!

      • Hahahah…duped. Black mans motto “lie..lie…lie”. You just never caught him. They all “think” their playas…


    • Oh come on. true.

    • And leave u when u become pregnant

  5. I would love to date and marry a white women. I live in sicken a.c..

  6. This article was probably written by a black person.

  7. The reason why black men love white women is that white women don’t have no worries and like sommore said black women know how to keep a man and white women know how to keep a man “HAPPY” which one would a man prefer

    • Most Black women are all drama, loud, confrontational, and obnoxious. Ever see a white woman acting black? They do a pretty good job…🙄

  8. in az where live all the white girls like white tattooed men and dudes with beards that have big trucks .. secondly the trend is sweeping.. white females are leaving the “blacked” trend it was a fad and it wasnt here to stay.

    • Well white woman might try to leave the ‘blacked’ trend, but where will they go to now that they are’blacked’. White men will not touch them again ever. They might as well stay on that side of the fence.

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  9. Let’s face it, white women are by far the most attractive. However, it has been my experience that beauty is only skin deep. Buyers beware.

  10. I have seen a white woman with a white man only.So this article was written by a black man who is in love with white women.

  11. It’s not black men wtf…it’s sexy black men thanks

  12. I fear the white women will be all gone by these blacks impregnating them by becoming rappers and famous athletes…..we will never be able to enjoy porn as it were :,( *sniff*

  13. who cares i think that most important thing is that who you like the most ? Black women has also an attractive figure too.

  14. I favor white ladies because I like the way they make me feel and I like the response they give when they feel me back.

    • All women are evil. What’s wrong with you guys. Fighting over a woman. No matter the color if she’s attractive she will always like another waiting for you to screw up. So why not xxx them all with condoms and make your money.

      • I agree!

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  15. White woman know that the are black people who konw how to love and care

  16. Fucking stupid. Why do black women like white men then

    • Because all the black dudes are with white women. What other choice do they have? I’m 150 years, everyone in America will be the same color lol.

  17. Have never been against black/white dating, but all I have to say on the topic, is that, it’s so sad that nearly half of all white women today are casting out their own race of men and want nothing to do with sad. If you observe, White women are the only race of women who are like this. Like I said, nothing wrong with dating black guys if that’s what you like, but when about half of the female population of a particular race reject their own race, something’s seriously wrong.

    • Thank you,it bad for the kids you have, because they are not black or white. Mixed races are bad regardless of what people say.

      • Is your name really adolf?

  18. Oh, and wanted to add a couple of things…

    1. There are plenty of white guys who embrace their masculinity, plenty. Maybe not the white hipsters from the cities, but go to suburbia and you will find plenty of white guys who embrace their masculinity, who have style and edge.

    2. Don’t kid yourselves, looks DO NOT matter to most women, hence the reason that roughly half of all attractive white women are sleeping with black guys. Not trying to offend anyone(and I apologize if I do, but I’m blunt, I don’t believe in sugar-coating), but let’s face it, the majority of the black race(men and women) are not the most attractive. Point is, having GAME is what matters. A good looking guy doesn’t have an affect on most women. When most women see a good looking guy, their reaction isn’t “damn, let me chat him up, I want to f*ck him” like it is when a guy see’s a hot girl.

    When I say “roughly half of attractive white women”, I’m just going by my personal observation of what I see on a daily basis in the NYC area. I think the black guy/hot white women phenomenon is mainly a demographic thing, because I don’t see it nearly as much in suburbia where I come from.

    • Whoever is writing about this “hot black man/hot white women” existence is in a fantasy world! I can’t remember the last time I have seen this type of couple except for Heidi kLUM and SEAL is an UGLY MF!! Also whoever on here is acting like most blacks are not attractive but whites are a better looking group…please, i have seen so many unattractive whites male and female! Whites are always trying to act like they are the best looking race please! this is just an extension of your racism!!

  19. black has big penis than white

  20. They forgot Black guys are natural survivors and are highly d far beyond intelligent naturally

  21. Continuation from up top that I wanted to touch upon:

    Funny how things have changed, cause I remember in 2003 I dated this hot white chick who dissed and always complained about black guys, telling me how she couldn’t stand when black guys hit on her, saying “they have no chance, no chance at all”. I also remember this hot white chick I met back in 2007 once complaining to me that there were “too many black guys” at this one club she went to. White women used to diss black men all the time and were grossed out by them.

    My wife(who’s very attractive) who doesn’t find black men physically attractive has told me some stories..she’s told me how black guys have a hard time dealing with being rejected by white women. She’s told me they get really angry and that she’s been called racist just because she rejected them.

    I attribute the black male/attractive white female phenomena today to the fact that black people have been pedestalized. Obama taking office, the media, and political correctness had a lot to do with it. White women now saw a black man become president, and BOOM, elevated the status of black men. White women now saw rock die out and hip hop take over the music channels and airwaves, and BOOM, elevated the status of black men. They saw a lot of black men get their own TV shows, etc. The media and colleges preached how “great” black people are(and how terrible white men are), how they were the only race who’ve endured hardship, never mentioning the fact that the Native Americans suffered a lot worse, etc. etc. etc. The list could go on and on. This all has given black men a high status in society, thus making them more attractive to white women, despite their physically unattractive factor, no offense. Some black guys having good game with women also factors into the equation too, it’s been a combination of everything I mentioned.

    But it’s nice to see attractive women give everyone a shot, that’s one of the things about women that you don’t see with men, the majority of men focus on looks. I also knew 2 dark Indian guys who pulled hot white women like crazy.

    • Nice point. Dude your comment is hilarious.

    • You’re being subjective and a bit ignorant to some extent. For you to say black men are physically unattractive sounds racist. But that aside.
      Your wife or whoever told you she doesn’t like black men is saying that to protect your ego. How would you feel if you hot wife tells you she had sex with a black man ? You’ll get furious. But let’s assume she’s telling you the truth, she’s just one of the few ones.
      I don’t see anything wrong with interracialdating at all. People should be free to associate with whosoever. I know a lot of white ladies who crave for a one night stand with black men. These are ladies you would call 8 or 9.
      You know of 2 Indians who pulled some hot whities. Then it means those ladies are more open minded than you are. You’ve also closed your eyes to tge expliots of black men.

      • Lol, here we go, I’m “racist” because I think black people are physically unattractive? Nice try bud, playing the race card is so old, so old and played out it’s not even funny. Come up with a new scheme already, yeah? Please, entertain me. By doing that you only lose points for yourself. You do realize that, right?

        Second, I need my ego protected? Too funny,but no, that’s actually YOUR way of protecting your own ego and minimizing the sting to the reality that there are actually white women out there who don’t find black guys attractive. It’s really laughable how lots of black dudes just cannot handle that, and hence to protect their own egos and minimize the sting, they need to resort to the lame excuse of, “oh she’s just telling you that to protect your ego”. Come on guy, get a grip. Reality is, there will always be those white women out there who aren’t attracted to black guys. It’s as simple as that. That’s just the the world for ya.

        Third, you wanna talk ignorant and open-minded? Look who’s being ignorant by automatically assuming I’d be “furious” if my wife told me she had sex with a black guy. My man, I could honestly care less who any white chick has sex with, I really could. Did I not post up top that I’m glad hot women give unattractive guys a chance? I’m all for my male bros, good-looking or not good-looking, scoring the hotties. We all deserve a piece of the pie.

      • And on the flip side, also in response to your “furious” comment, I think white guys have been handling the black guy/white female thing quite well. However, I’m not so sure how well many black men would be able to handle it if the roles were reversed where black females were attractive and dating lots of white men. Talk about furious, eh?

        • Please there are lots of white men that find black women attractive and date them and besides this topic is pure fantasy IT IS A FACT THAT MOST PEOPLE MATE WITHIN THEIR OWN RACIAL GROUP, WHITE WOMEN AND BLACK MEN INCLUDED!

    • Well said and you made very good points.
      It’s all about their hip hop, their sports status, etc.
      Bullshit if you ask me. You don’t see Asians, Spanish, or other racist being placed on pedestals.

  22. It’s all because white women that date black men want a big D . I’m Italian and I have a beautiful white women with a big butt and this white boy can handle all of it . I have a nice size D that can get the job done . And I have a 2 year old son . I’m still there for the family

    • Blk so called hung is a myth a study came out its the native American Indian

    • You’re falling into that false narrative. Women do not go for men just because they’ve got big d*cks. Having a big dick only gives a guy bonus points..but a woman will not choose to have sex with a man just because he has a big d*ck. How many times have you heard of the guy on that dating site who brags about how hung he is, even sends out pictures of his d*ck to the women, only to end up with his own hand down his pants, not hers.

  23. Black men are really sexy and warm hearted with velvety skin

  24. The porn industry is responsible for all this interracial shit! People are so stupid. it’s all abnormal behavior. Just look at history. Never in history has there been so much interracial dating an marrying . Whites were physically, mentally and culturally meant to be with whites and blacks with blacks . This is the natural order of things , so any thing different is perversion. I don’t care if you agree or not .. It is just fact.

    • Interracial dsting has come to stay. Learn to accept or you become a relic.

    • But let me also reiterate again, that demographics play a HUGE factor in all of it. In liberal circles/cities/areas is where you’re likely to see it. Not nearly to the same extent in other non-liberal places. When I say half of all attractive white women, I’m talking about a liberal city like NYC, which I’m basing my observations from.

  25. Funny, I have black friends that say that white women are stupid and easy. One even said that his mom would tell him to go with a white woman because they’d even be stupid enough to work and give them all their money so why work themselves.
    Another one said that in a way it’s to get back at the white man by taking their women.

  26. Yeah porn is another factor. There are many factors which I didn’t point out, but 2 major reasons I forgot to mention are:

    1. Black guys have become well aware now in the last 6 yrs that they can pull attractive white women, that it has given them a shitload of confidence, and more specifically, confidence to approach these white women, whereas in the past black guys wouldn’t even have bothered b/c they would have been rejected in the greater majority of instances.

    2. Since attractive white women observed 6 yrs. ago that black guys are now capable of attracting attractive white women, black men have now peaked their interest. Women are like sheep, that’s nothing new- what they see other women doing, they all follow. All these other attractive white women have figured “since black guys can pull attractive white women, they must be a catch, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon” and it just grew and grew, and before you knew it, it spread like wildfire, where now 6 yrs. later it seems like half of all attractive white women are sleeping with black guys and alienating their own race, and it’s the alienation of their own race specifically that’s the sad part, which doesn’t seem to be happening with all the other races of women.

  27. And explain to me why black males are quicker to leave and often use derogatory terms? This is beyond bullshit

  28. It is indeed an ignorant thing for one to respond things they don’t like to to hear with brainless insults. It only infuriates people. Brainless insulting is in large part why we still have black and white relations problem. I wish we could “respecfully” disagree, instead of slinging out harsh words to each other. – Just my 02. I am a 62 yr old white male. When I was younger, I bought in to some of the negative comments I’d hear about black people. Then, over the years I was enlightened and found that there are white racists AND black racists. And that there are good white people AND good black people. I have several good black friends and many good white friends. I have compassion for the discrimination that still happens some in our country. But wow black people sure have come a long ways ! Look at all the government programs we have now to help people. It would be great if we could all be careful with our words. If we keep using slinging insults back and forth, our black / white relations will never improve. Is that what you want ? – Not me. I’m going to continue talking to white and black people respectfully. I treasure my black friends.

  29. Interesting that no Negro society/culture has ever created a modern, industrialized country. The bestial, feral Negroes lack the mental capabilities to advance science or to organize a society in the manner non-Negroes can.

    The Negroes will point out the very few exceptions where one Negro advanced society but, taken as a whole, the Negroes are beasts whose feeble minds are best suited to basic tasks with overseers to constrain their primitive mentalities.

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    • I am a black men and i will say that we are beneath the white race and deserve to only be with our own kinds in jungles of africa. Us blacks are cursed, we hate looking in to the mirror and realizing how ugly we are

    • I’m a very hot white girl with very blonde hair longer than I am tall, very bright very light blue eyes, and very fair skin and I totally agree with you. Black men are the hottest men just like us blondies are the hottest girls. That’s why so many beautiful blonde white girls like us and sexy black men are together well you almost never see white men and black women together. White men would rather watch us beautiful blondies get fucked bu dark sexy black men and black women are just bitter and jealous and hate us beautiful blondies because we’re hot and they’re not and we’re taking all their sexy men.

  31. That’s the game, get a white woman up the duff. A half caste child is born and hey presto. 80 odd percent of the time the black dude deserts them. You know they are trying to breed out the white race. The white race proper name aryan is the most varied and beautiful race in the world. You have aryans with red hair black hair olive skin pink skin blue eyes brown eyes etc And you’re willing to destroy your races gene pool . Shame on you. The same goes for the African side.

  32. Negro men generally see white women as being beautiful, while seeing women of their own race as often resembling primates. White women on the other hand are simply attracted to negro men because of the oversized gentiles. It’s not rocket science…

  33. Just the Jew media promoting this shit, no one gets up in the morning and says im going to fuck a monkey and have half human kids

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  35. This is a stupid article. Majority, and I do mean the vast majority of white women, we all have our definition of what hot is stick with their own race. I have seen this across USA and Europe, there is a small percentage who are with black men, but it is not significant at all. Yes there are interracial couples, but this article is completely false.

    • Just to add to this, I have many white females friends in USA and Europe, and when speaking to them about dating, many have never even considered interracial relationships, not even thought about it. For every interracial couple I have seen, I have probably seen over a couple of hundred same race, both black and white. And all the blacks that I personally know are only in same race relations, with the exception of one, who will with a girl from Philippines. So they article is quite false from what I have seen

  36. I wonder what the wrld would be like in colored glassses mm think about it.

  37. I say date who makes you happy regardless of color. I just have a preference towards white women but I also will date women of all races.

  38. Ok I don’t agree with this shit at all I think we are all entitled to be with who ever we want but the white woman that are only attracted to black men is cause they want that big dick but little do they know black men ain’t the only ones with big dicks I think what they like is the colour and become obsessed wit it..

    • Yes sir

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  40. Interracial relationships and marriages are on the rise, that is a statistical FACT. I think what’s happening is that the white man has had his way in the world long enough, people just want something different. There will always be a racist white man or woman talking about how much they hate black people. There are good white people out there too. I think we should ignore the racist people and move on with our lives. Eventually their hatred will disappear it’s already happening.

  41. Im a married white woman and I think about black men alot

    • How can we get you to try a black cock laura then come back here and report if what they say is true. Of course take your time and explore away

  42. Hi I am a tall slim attractive Dutch woman of 45. Married for 19 years to a wonder man husband and father. I have been cheating for the last three months with younger black boys all under 23 years of age and my husband has no idea I do this or that I have no intentions of stopping and size is very very critical for me. with girth being absolutely essential first and foremost and nothing under ten long.

    I fought the moral battle for a few years but after my first liaison. I simply stopped lying to myself about how to achieve what I need without the need to berate myself

    Now All I am concerned about is how long I have to endure between hook ups and meets etc

    Better living everyone. x Truda

  43. White men have a history of burning their women in the middle ages, discriminating against them in Europe and America, and treating them as property. These are facts. White women are starting to move towards more feminist agendas, lesbianism, and dating outside of their race. Not to be personal, but white men truly embody that Ubermensch or Nazi superman complex, but they cannot back it up. White women want sexual satisfaction, and most white men cannot deliver based upon less sexual virility, smaller packages, and lest physical strength or stamina. You don’t see black women breaking ranks to the other side as the case with Caucasian women. Some black women are dissatisfied with low income black men, but the same is the case with low income white men. Ironically white men will continue this position,instead of being more nurturing to their women, thus increasing this phenomenon of white women seeking black men, but considering that only white women can produce a white child. you would think they would worship them. Considering that white population is plummeting world-wide white men should rethink their position. Since they have tendency to ignore all forms of logic in terms of social intelligence and have produced this scenario through their own policies and actions the odds are they will go extinct. And yes I am an educated Nubian.

  44. Insistent with everything but getting a job.

  45. Sounds nice but it is what it is caused by a few generations of brainwashing and white male reverse discrimination in the work force enduring lower income and being portrayed as pussies on television. white women who prefer black men are traitors to the white race contributing to the demise of it should this trend grow. As far as masculine, well blacks men have the strongest physical bodies that is just the way it is. As for flirting, they are slick and lots have s large foot long sausage. The black men pursuing white women is the action of honoring one of MLK’s secret teachings that a black airman having too much to drink revealed to me while on military duty.

    • anyone who wrote trashy comments against different people of different race and gender showing their huge lack of literacy, security and humanism. it is embarrassing how much most of people do not read and are as stupid and narrow minded as it shows in this disrespectful childish comments have no fact to it. shame shame shame!!!
      “love and treat the others you want to be treated.”dr. mlk


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    • I am black men and I will advise you not to downgrade and stay with whites, us blacks are misreable, angry ppl thay cant help ourselves because we are a cursed ugly race. God bless

      • You’re probably a black woman who’s just jealous because us beautiful blondies are taking all your sexy men. Don’t hate us for being beautiful. It’s not our fault were beautiful and you’re ugly and your men all want us and not you.

    • I garee. Im as blonde, blue eyed, white and beautiful as can be and I have always loved and preferred black men and of course they all love us. Black men are the sexiest men and us blondies are the hottest girls which is why you see so many of us beautiful natural blonde hair, blue eyed white girls and dark sexy black men together.

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  49. I am a black guy..Black men and women dont smell good and their skin, hair feels greasy and nasty to touch, reason why they are so angry all the time…not to mention their races are no where near as a good looking as other races and im not only talking whites

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  51. I’m a white girl with naturally very blonde(almost white) hair that is so long it reaches down to onto the floor, very bright, very light blue eyes, very fair skin, natural large boobs, and a perfect body. I also always dress head to toe in bright pink and wear glasses that are also bright pink. I’m very proud of being naturally blonde, blue eyed, and white, and very proud of my looks. Wouldn’t wanna be a woman of any other race . Especially a black woman. Black women are so ugly and they are always so jealous of us beautiful blondies.

    I’m married to and have kids with a very dark black man who is the darkest blackest man I have ever seen. I have to say I pretty much agree with all of what you said.I have always loved and have only ever dated and had sex with black men. Black men have so much bigger dicks and fuck so much better and are s much sexier than white boys. A very beautiful, very blonde floor length haired, bright blue eyed, very white girl all dressed in head to bright pink with a dark sexy black man is also very eye catching and looks sexy. I also love watching how jealous ugly black women get seeing me with their men.

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    White men are the least sexy men and black women the ugliest women which is why you see so many of us beautiful blondies and sexy black men together but almost never see white men and black women together.

    • Hi, my beautiful blonde girlfriend, sadly now ex. told me about black men. She said it is certainly true what they say. It was very erotic! Glad to hear you are getting bbc.

  52. I finally took the time to read through most of these comments. I have to say these comments from black women saying that white girls who date black men do so because they’re ugly and fat and hate being white or wanna be like black women are hilarious and could not be further from the truth.

    As Ive stated before men of all races constantly tell me I’m the most beautiful girl they have ever seen. I am very proud of the way I look, very proud being white, and very proud of my very blonde beautiful floor length hair, beautiful bright blue eyes, beautiful fair skin, and perfect body and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I most certainly wouldn’t want to look like a black girl. Black girls are so ugly and masculine looking. All the other beautiful blonde hair blue eyed white girls I know, most of whom are also dating or married to black men, are also very proud of being white and very proud f the way they look and certainly don’t want to look like ugly black women. Black women

    It’s actually the complete opposite. Black women all want to look like us beautiful blonde white girls. Look at how they dye their hair blonde, wear blue eye contacts, get hair extensions, straighten their hair, and even bleach their skin to try and look like us beautiful blondies. Yet they still fail to be able to look as beautiful as us and in fact just make themselves look even uglier. Since they look completely unnatural. You never see a beautiful blonde white girl try and look like a black woman. Just because we date and marry your men doesn’t mean we hate being white or wished we looked like you.

    The reason us beautiful blondies date and marry black men is because we find black men to be sexy and they have big dicks and can fuck real good. Of course they just like all men of all races love and find us to be the hottest girls on the planet. We also love and enjoy watching you get all angry and jealous knowing that your men all love and want us because we’re beautiful and you’re ugly and we’re taking all your sexy men away from you.

    • I read what you wrote. And yes I definitely have to say your right about blondes being the hottest girls. Not just black girls but just about any girl even brunette and redhead white girls seem to be jealous of blondes. You definitely sound super hot. And the fact that your not afraid to speak yior mind makes you even hotter. Your husband must be the luckiest man on the planet. and yes I do know most natural blondes do love black men . But hey it’s not there fault we white boys have tiny dicks and cant fuck as good as black men. Instead of being jealous and bitter about it Ive just learned to accept it and deal with it. Besides I find it sexy watching black men and hot blonde white women having sex together. Seriously though all white men just need to learn to accept and deal with the fact that black men are more sexually attractive to white girls. Likewise non blonde women need to accept and deal with the fact that men are most sexually attracted to blondes. Thats just the way it is. And gating others for being more sexually attractive is not gonna change a damn thing.

    • BTW I saw you say your hair goes down to the floor. Wow!!!!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!!! Bet it must be kinda hard to take care of but I bet amazingly beautiful. Do you wear your hair down or up most of the time? Hopefully down. Bet it looks amazing!! Hopefully your hair is really healthy and shiny too.

      • Sorry to keep bothering you. But just one last thing though. I saw you say you love to always dress in pink. I bet you look really hot in pink. Pink looks really hot and feminine on girls. It does seem like white girls who like black men do wear pink a lot. What all do you wear that’s pink. Did you wear pink to your wedding?

        • To answer your questions. My hair not only reaches down to but quite a ways onto the floor. I almost always wear really high heels. Anywhere from 6 inches to nearly 2 feet and even with my highest heels my hair still goes quite a ways onto the floor. I’m only 4 foot 11 and my husband is over 7 foot tall and 88 lbs. but even when I’m standing on something to put me at his height my hair completely engulfs him and reaches onto the floor. My hair is very healthy and shiny with no slit ends. I take very good care of my beautiful blonde hair. I always wear my hair down much to the delight of men and envy of women. I do always wear a huge bright pink headband though. It helps to keep my hair under control and makes me and my hair look even sexier.

          I always dress in really bright pink. So bright it goes in the dark. I almost always wear really high heeled bright pink boots that go all the way u to my pussy, bright pink gloves, huge bright pink earrings, bright pink necklaces, a huge bright pink headband, very thick bright pink glasses, and usually either a bright pink dress with a huge bright pink belt, bright pink corset, bright pink catsuit, and/or bright pink bikini. I’ll often dress in several layers of bright pink. I love dressing like a dominatrix head to toe in blindingly bright pink. So I usually have a bright pink whip with me and a bright pink purse, and several bright pink boas.

          For my wedding of course I dressed head to toe in beautiful blindingly bright pink. I wore a beautiful blindingly bright pink wedding dress with a huge bright pink rose, a huge bright pink rose belt, an almost 20 foot long blindingly bright pink train bright pink high heeled boots that went up to my pussy, bright pink gloves, huge bright pink earrings, bright pink necklaces, a bright pink purse, a huge bright pink headband, bright pink tiara, several beautiful blindingly bright pink boas, and a blindingly bright pink whip. Everything I wore was the most beautiful most blindingly bright pink ever. I kept and actually wear my wedding dress sometimes because it’s so pink and beautiful.

          I totally agree with you that black women need to stop being so jealous and hating us beautiful blodnies. It’s not our fault we’re beautiful and they’re ugly and all their men want us and no man wants them. I always trty to get along with black women but they are always so mean and nasty to me because they are so jealous. Only a couple black women I know actually accept black men and white women dating, marrying, and having kids, Even those black women I can tell by the looks on their face seem kinda jealous. just they aren’t so openly so like most black women. All the white men I know have all been very accepting of black men and white women relationships. In fact many love to watch me have sex with my husband and several other black men and blonde women. It seems like the only ones who have problems with interracial relationships are nonblonde women , especially black women.

          • i saw in ur post u wear glasses
            i bet ur glasses look really hot on u n make u look even hotter I love glasses on hot blondes n I’m glad your not afraid to wear glasses unfortunately so many hot blondes r afraid to wear glasses cuz there afraid it ruin their looks but all the hot blondes I’ve seen wearing glasses looked even hotter with glasses than without I also luv when hot girls like u wear all pink pink looks so beautiful n feminine on girls I bet u look so fucking hot in pink

    • I too am a white woman with blonde hair blue eyes and beautiful in a relationship with a black man n you are so right. Black women are soooo jealous of us. Couldent have said it better myself black women allways giving me nasty looks and stares.

      • I hear you. No matter how nice we try to be to black women they always so angry and jealous at just for being beautiful and all their men wanting to be with us. I don’t hate black women. I don’t hate anyone for that matter. i always try my best to get along with everyone. Most, not all but the overwhelming vast majority of black women just hate us beautiful blondies and are nasty to us no matter how nice we are to them. As nasty as a lot of them are I still don’t hate or even dislike them. i really wish they could get over their jealousy and accept the fact that men of all races including their men love and want us and stop hating us for it.

        To give you even more of an idea of just how angry and hateful black women are of white women especially blondes. A couple years ago I was running a marathon.
        Of course all the men were rooting for em. Not to mention they loved watching my super long very blonde beautiful hair dance and swing around as I ran. Of course as always I was all dressed in beautiful bright pink and wearing a bright pink headband and wearing very thick bright pink glasses. I was leading most of the time. However near the end this one black woman caught up and it was very close at the finish. She beat me by about a step. Being the good sport I am I went over to shake her hand and congratulate her. She immediately was very nasty and basically told me to fuck off. I asked her what was wrong. She then called me all sorts of nasty names. I responded back” awww. Do you need a hug and I reached out my arms to hug her. She slapped my arms away and said “don’t fucking touch me you stupid white bitch.” I replied back “why you so angry. You beat me and beat me fair in square and I’m just trying to congratulate you.”

        Then my husband(we’d only been married about a couple months at that point came up.She got even angrier once she saw my husband and then started punching at me. I pretty much just blocked her punches and grabbed her arm away from me. I’m not a violent person and don’t hit back even when someone is hitting me unless my life is danger. My husband and several other men restrained her. She then went on a rant about how much she hated blonde hair blue eyed white girls and how blonde hair blue eyed white girls were stealing their men. I then said to her? Calm down. No need to be so hateful. It’s not our fault we’re beautiful and you’re not and all your men want us and we love them back. Why can’t you just be greatful you won this race. You proved you’re obviously a better runner then me. Here you are now acting as if this was a beauty contest which it’s not.” I tried to congratulate you on your victory but you are just so hateful because I’m so much beautiful and loved by men of all races then you are.”

        All the men including said you know what we were rooting for you to win because of how hot you are and with how bad her attitude was you totally deserved to win. Your by far the most beautiful girl we have ever seen, and we loved watching your beautiful hair, dance, and blow, and sway around as you ran, and you have such a good attitude. You deserved so much to win and we are so sad you didn’t. I said “No she still deserved to win. This wasn’t a beauty contest. It was a race and she beat me fair in square. I’m not mad at her and I don’t hate her. I just wish black women like her would stop hating and be so jealous of beautiful blonde white women like me. With how nasty she was towards me even when she won it’s scary to think how she would have acted if I would have actually won and she lost.

        • You are one dumb fucking cunt.

          • ur obviously jealous cuz she’s hot n ur not

    • u sound so fucking hot I got a massive boner from reading ur posts I luv how ur not afraid to speak da truth n tell it like it is as well as letting every1 know ur proud of urself ur race n ur looks n dat just cuz u luv n r married 2 a black man dosent make u ashamed of urself n ur race that makes u even hotter keep speaking da truth n telling it like it is blondie

  53. OMG!!! who wrote such an unintelligent article? Its a shame that 1/4 of stupid women will read this and believe it. Nothing in this article is true. Black men for one have a funky odor. Also there body hair is like steel wool. They do not know how to treat women, they will run you , beat you and make you support them. If you break up with them you have a 75% chance of getting beat up or killed. They are no stronger then white men. Only 17% of them can provide a good future for family. The only women whom want to go with black men are women who think there getting a huge dong. Thats not even true in many many cases. Whoever wrote this bullshit which i assume is a black person should be banned and arrested for racism.

    • Your a dumb whore too. Almost as dumb as that whore long hair blonde babe.

  54. I gotta say a lot of these comments are funny as hell. I cracked up laughing reading a lot of them.

  55. This whole thread is proof of how dumb the human race is

    • Yes.People on here are pretty fucking stupid. Especially that whore who calls herself long hair blonde babe it whatever the fuck.

      • ur just jealous cuz she’s hot n ur not

  56. Filthy white trailer park trash whore women are everywhere nowadays and are contaminated too.

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