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Is a Tongue Kiss Appropriate for First Date

Dating for the first time or dating for the first time in years you may still feel this question pop in your head.  Will it hurt your...

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Dating Turn Offs For Men – Are You Driving Him Away Without Knowing It

First impression can make or break your efforts to attract men. If you know how to bat your smile or eyelids in the most attractive way,...

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Body Language Mistakes On Your First Date

You may be having butterflies in your stomach thinking about your first date. What if you make a body language mistake and ruin all the...

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What Your Clothing Color Say About You On A Date

A dating advice stated that colors of outfits have something to say with your personality. This thought comes from an expert of dating,...

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5 Things Not To Wear On A First Date

Women usually go in a date in order to know the suitor better or sometimes when the partner invites. Dates between couples usually happen...

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Colors And Prints To Wear On A First Date

First Dates are important events for both men and women since these are the first moments that you will have more time to know each other...

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