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Dating Turn Offs For Men – Are You Driving Him Away Without Knowing It

First impression can make or break your efforts to attract men. If you know how to bat your smile or eyelids in the most attractive way, you’d be able to grab his attention in no time. But while a first impression will get him attracted towards you, it still calls for good conversations and dates to get him fall in love with you.

Have you ever had a time where you were able to grab guy’s attention, but he didn’t respond positively to you after the very first date? Or have you dated a man who was completely love-stuck, and suddenly, he starts losing his interest in you or simply rejects your presence after a couple of conversations? If you have noticed such behaviors, then probably you are doing things that are driving the men who like you away from you.

First Impression Is Not Enough To Attract Men

Most men start fancying a girl usually at the very first sight. But remember that it takes some time for them to completely fall in love with you. And if you drive them away with your random or erratic behavior within a couple of dates, most guys would start losing interest in you and will distance themselves, and start treating you like their friend.

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Turn-Offs for Men

If you’re with a guy on a date, or having a conversation at a restaurant with your crush, just keep the following things in mind.

You may not realize it yourself, but you may be having few behaviors that usually are turn-offs for men. Such as:

  • Narcissism – Being proud of what you are or of your achievements in life is always a good thing. However, there’s a very narrow line between a girl who knows how successful or good she is and an otiose peacock.
    Do you unknowingly talk about yourself for hours even ignoring what the guy wants to say? Or do you often compare guy’s accomplishments to something you’ve experienced yourself? You may think you are bonding a great connecting but your ability to turn anything that a guy says into one big story could come off as egotism instead of a charismatic ‘me too’ tale.
  • Dominating – Do you often try to control almost everything a guy does when he’s with you? Do you often correct him on the smallest things? If it’s just on occasional events, that’s completely acceptable. But if you are doing it too often, then it’s not acceptable.
  • No or Yes Answers – Are you a shy girl who doesn’t talk much and like to sit quietly during a date? Being shy is not seen as a turn off for men by many guys, in fact he’ll overlook this trait of yours. However, if you just answer his question by nodding your head or just simply saying monosyllables; Yes or No, then you’re definitely getting on his nerve. Also, such an attitude will make him assume that you’re not at all interested in him.

Don’t Overdo Something That Act as Turn offs For Men

So while you’re on a date with a guy, keep these above dating turn offs for men in mind. However, remember that anything you do initially may be considered sweet and loving but just don’t overdo something that will probably want the guy to back away from you.

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