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How to Identify Creepy Guys Who Hit On You

Do you feel afraid to go out and talk to a man because of the way he looks at you? Well it’s a common occurrence and as said “it’s tough to find nice guys these days”. However, this doesn’t mean you stop dating or talking to guys. Recently, my colleague asks me a weird question; is there any way to know or identify creepy men? Well, that gave me a chance to do a little research and found out yes there exists a series of pattern that can help identify a creepy guy.

Creepy guys exist everywhere. But what is that makes a guy creepy and what type of creepy guys you should be aware of? Read about it here.

What Makes A Guy Creepy?

There are a lot of reasons why many guys can be disturbing or creepy. For instance:

  • Some guys try to copy Brad Pitts smile but look nothing like him – That’s creepiness
  • Some guys just laugh without any reason – That’s insanity & creepiness
  • Some guys smell awful – That’s unpleasant & creepiness
  • Some guys have a mix of all the above creepy attitude – That’s creepiness

Sometimes, even the most nicest and attractive guys can turn out to be creepy later. After all, being creepy is subjective and what may seem suitable to one girl can seem creepy to the other. But I’m sure this is a common occurrence you may have noticed in everyday life.

You’re out on the street to go to the store and bump into an irritating guy or introduced to someone you just don’t feel like talking to; are some creepy guy you usually encounter in daily life. But what really makes a guy creepy?

Actually, it’s all lies in the guy’s nature towards you; its kind an unexplained feeling of awkwardness and discomfort. You can’t really understand it but you find it difficult to spend even a minute with this person.

So what’s the easiest way to describe a creepy guy? Well, a creepy guy is one that shows a lot of interest in the girl especially when the girl is totally uninterested in him. This definition may not seem fair to most guys, but if a guy can’t understand that you don’t fancy about him, you have the right to put him under the ‘creepy guy’ list.

Signs of Creepy Guys

Following are some creepy guy signs to help you back away and also keep him away from your life.

  • Guy who constantly stares at your boobs – This is the guy who just constantly stares down your cleavage at every chance he gets. He thinks he’s too intelligent & smart to get caught tying his shoe lace every minute, but he gets caught anyway. And no matter you catch him starring; he doesn’t stop staring at your breasts. He’s creepy guy with nothing but feeling of lust on his mind. So if you notice someone who just wants to eat you up, he’s definitely a guy you need to avoid.
  • Stalker – Has a guy recently followed you to profess his undying love? Does he follow you everywhere from work to home and vice versa? He’s definitely a creepy stalker guy who thinks he’s being cool and persuasive by following you everywhere. Avoid him, don’t try to encourage his behavior by giving him any kind of attention and try to give him slip.

To Be Continued..

There are more such creepy guys out there; we have a long list. Please bookmark us and we’ll get back to you next week with the 2nd part of the creepy guys. Feel free to browse through our website and learn about helpful tips on how to attract men.

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