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Why Some Men Lick Their Lips – Hot Topic

You would never guess that a simple non-verbal body language such as licking lips could have such a deep meaning. Men lick their lips for...

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Sexy Moves to Attract Man Instantly

Ever pondered what really makes a guy feel aroused or glance at you again & again when you just walk past him? The sexy moves or the...

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How Does It Feel To Be In Love?

Have you ever fallen in love? If yes, how does it feel to be in love? Certainly, the feeling of falling in love is beyond description. It...

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Body Language Of Someone In Love

Body language plays a big role whenever we talk about love, romance or dating. It is considered an essential part of attraction. There are...

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How to Interpret Romantic Body Language

The body language of attraction is quite difficult to understand. However, if someone is able to read or interpret the body language,...

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Is Licking Lips A Sign Of Flirtation

We use our tongue more in our verbal communications but do you know that your tongue can also send non-verbal signals to a person sitting...

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The Body Language Of New Romance

A romantic body language can be used as to improve your relationship or used as weapon of massive seduction. In our quest to find romance,...

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Flirty Body Language

Body language has long been in use for flirting. When you see a handsome man across the room you feel like flirting with him and that is...

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