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Sexy Moves to Attract Man Instantly

Ever pondered what really makes a guy feel aroused or glance at you again & again when you just walk past him? The sexy moves or the game of arousal is usually a great fun for both sexes. And particularly if you’re not making it too obvious to a guy, the ecstasy of being teased and seduced would surly blow a guy’s mind and his shorts!

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Your relationship stage plays a crucial role in turning a guy on. If you are someone who is new to dating and still single, we have few helpful flirty and sexy tips that will work on any guy to turn him on and make him go crazy about you! And for the ones who are already in a committed relationship with a guy, you need to put little more efforts to arouse him with subtle seducing moves and glances. Use the following moves to attract men and enjoy the pleasure of a one night stand tonight!

The Physical Turn-Ons for Men

#1 The Kiss Effect – If you want to turn a guy on while he’s just leaving to his home dropping you home after having a romantic dinner, just try this. Give him a tight hug, and as you give him a kiss on his cheek, let that kiss dawdle for few seconds longer than normal. You’ll for sure leave him thinking about the kiss in his mind and desiring he could get some more.


#2 Show off a bit of skin – Showing or flashing a bit of skin is sensual as its unanticipated and taboo. Every guy very well know that he needs to respect girls and just look away if a girl unintentionally shows more than she really intends to, but the flash of your beautiful skin would be too turning on him. You could flash you skin while you’re wearing your skirt or just be bending over. It always works to catch a guy’s attention.

A Little Skin Show

#3 The downblouse – Most of the guys even the most respectable ones can’t really look away when a pretty girl bends down to pick something up, especially if he can get a glance of her cleavage. And it’s a definite turn on for most of the guys.

The Downblouse

#4 Tattoos – Every guy loves to get a glimpse of tattoos that you have in strategic regions. It’s especially erotic if the guy can only see a very small part of the tattoo, but not all of it as it gets his thoughts running wild.

#5 Lower back and waists – When a bit of lower back or midriff peeks out of a top like it was unintended, it’s really sexy and something really arousing. And if you have a sexy back with those v lines that stick out, it would really make it hard for any guy to look away from it.

Let Him Go Crazy!

So if you’re in a pursuit to seduce or attract a guy, just keep these moves in mind. These physical turn-ons will let a guy go crazy about you.

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