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Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women

When it comes to older men wanting younger women times have not changed this desire since the existence of mankind. When I was in my...

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How to Attract a Man with Body Language

I had the pleasure of listening to a great speaker just last week who spoke about the art communication. He said, with the right body...

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Your Smell Makes A Difference In Attraction

This is a lesson for everyone male and female. No matter how fine or gorgeous you are, if you smell bad then your cute points go down to...

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How to Recognize a Healthy Man

What makes a man truly healthy is not just having a good bill of health from their doctor, it also has to do with rather or not they are...

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5 Ways to Get a Good Man, Now!

Do you struggle with finding a guy that is willing to take you out, treat you like a queen and is attentive? This small list will help you...

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10 Ways to Know A Guy is Into You

We all know that Men are from Mars and Women are From Pluto or some junk like that. In other words, we just do things and think...

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Do Men Prefer Women With Long Hair?

Growing your own or having long hair extensions might help bring your sexy back and attract more men. Short hair has held its rein for a...

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Women’s Sex Drive Verses Men

  It seems mother nature has played a cruel joke on us when it comes to sex. Men have their sexual peak much earlier than women. Typically...

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How To Attract Older Men

Some people say that it takes two grownups to make a relationship last for a lifetime. That is the reason why women prefer to attract an...

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