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How to Recognize a Healthy Man

What makes a man truly healthy is not just having a good bill of health from their doctor, it also has to do with rather or not they are holding baggage, have morals and a sense of purpose. Ok, this might sound like a person that doesn’t exist but they do.

How to recognize a healthy man is solely upon you. Are you ready to date differently than you have in the past? Are you open to more than what you think is your type or below your standards? I’m not talking about bad hygiene or lives with his mom type situations but at least consider a guy that has an associate degree versus a masters.

Let me add, men that are separated are not single and also if they are already trying to commit while still attached they are not healthy either. A healthy male knows he must end one chapter before opening another and these days getting a divorce is a lot less complicated then years before.

We as women need to have our stuff together before we can even start asking or demanding anything from men. Are you healthy? Are you still holding baggage? Have you let go of past hurt relationships? Are you honest about wanting a relationship? Like attracts like. In other words, whatever you are, you will also get. You must also learn how to avoid men that give you signs that they are not the one at the beginning. No more ignoring bad behaviors or lack of attentiveness. If a guy is showing less interest before a commitment is made then its a red flag that it most likely not going to get better.


Healthy men are generally in a good mood, want to show you off to friends and family, have goals that they have already met and have a lot more they wish to accomplish. When they are truly ready for a relationship they will look for you to have similar qualities. If you feel you are not at this point yet, find out how you can change your life that will make you happy and complete goals before venturing out for mister right.

Author: Jessica Brown

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