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How to Prevent Hurt and Let Go of Old Baggage – Relationships

We go through life blindly not knowing which way to go, especially when at a crossroad – should you leave him or should you stay. We want to trust our heart but it fails, so we then try to depend on our intellect. However, good decisions are made by following your intuition. Some of us are born with a natural and strong intuitive side. They luck out on avoiding huge relationship failures. But we are all human and even the smallest mistakes happen. You can let go of baggage through listening to their intuition. Also by listening to yourself you can prevent getting hurt.

What is intuition?

It’s when you know something without reasoning. It’s a sense that something is not quit right or when you are feeling a direction is the best one for you. It triggers your stomach and this is why some call it “a gut feeling.” For those who always need to know what will happen in your relationship at every turn, you will have a difficult time listening to your intuition because it requires an inner trust and a go with the flow. When you have an intuition you must act eventually and sometimes the sooner the better. Don’t mistake intuition with fear. Those are two different things. Fear causes panic and irrational behaviors.

Relationship Success

To be a happy in a healthy and long-term relationship, that old baggage needs taking care of first. It’s not about fixing the past but realizing what you’ve gained from it. What did you learn that is healthy and beneficial to your relationship now or the one that will be? You don’t want a guy that only thinks about the past and is not focused on you. Guys feel the same way. They want a happy partner that they can explore the world with and learn new things. Forget about the past and embrace the possibility of the best relationship you’ve ever had.

Author: Jessica Brown


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