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5 Reasons to Go For Younger Men

Once a woman hits 30 she usually has her career in check and is pretty knowledgeable about what she wants when it comes to a relationship. At this point in their life, it is more about getting all of their needs fulfilled now and less about spending the rest of their life with someone.  Don’t get me wrong, women in their 40’s want a long-term relationship too, but its all about what he can bring to the table.

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5 Reasons to Go For Younger Men are…

  1. When it comes to love it really is about preference  anyway such as what makes one thrive, their needs and goals in life. By 30 some women feel that their needs are stamina, vibrancy and energy.
  2.  Someone younger will have little to no baggage and pint up negative energy. Younger men tend to have less bad experiences thus they are happier.
  3. Younger men still want kids. Even though 40 is considered a danger zone for having children, with today’s technology it is still possible to have a healthy pregnancy.
  4. You can mold him to what you need instead of dealing with a guy who is set in his own ways.
  5.  If you like a specific thing in bed you can show him exactly how to do it and he will most likely do it perfectly.


Younger men are being considered by older women because it fits their needs. If you are willing to do upgrades and patches then it can turn out to be a great experience. You never know, maybe you won’t have to do any molding at all. That would be awesome, right? The overall picture here don’t shutout the younger guys, there are some great ones out there and even at their age can surprise you with maturity.

Author: Jessica Brown


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