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5 Reasons Women are Attracted to Older Men

This is a common sight that many women are attracted to older men. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, we have seen many couples dating or getting married regardless of their age difference. It seems like older men cast some magic charm of younger women. However, many people might be eager to know the reasons of a woman’s attraction towards older men.

Why Women are Attracted to Older Men?

It is a very common fact that older men are attracted towards younger women and so is vice versa. Here are a few factors that can help you to know why women find older men attractive.

Older men are more understanding

Attracted to Older Men

Older men have the wisdom that comes with age and that is the main reason they understand women more and better. When it comes to the emotional need of women, older men are more sensitive and understanding which is quite attractive for women. Also, in a protective and affectionate way, women prefer older men than not-so matured men.

Good in Conversation

When it comes to worldly matters, older men are well-informed and well-read and that is the reason women love to have a conversation with them. Other than mere mushy stuff, they like to talk about varied topics that attracts women.

Feel relaxed and peaceful

They Feel More Relaxed And Peaceful

This is very common among women that they get upset and panic quickly. At that time, they needed someone understanding, supportive and firm. As compared to immature men, women find older men more relaxed, peaceful and emotionally grown up with their thoughts about women and their relationship. So if in case women panic or get distress they handle the situation in a very peaceful and calm manner.

Less likely to cheat

Being stable in life and thoughts, mature or older men take everything very calmly but seriously. They are less likely to cheat because they tend to improve their relationship rather than looking for other options every time. They are committed and reliable in a relationship and for that reason, women are attracted to older men.

Feeling of security

Older Man and Younger Woman

With older men, women feel more safe and sound. This is because an older man is financially secure and emotionally stable, accomplishing the needs of her woman. Women sense the feeling of being secure and that is the most wonderful feeling and the main reason of women’s attraction towards older men.

The attraction between opposite genders is quite common. Regardless of the age, a woman seeks a partner who is mature, understanding, caring, loving and stable both emotionally and financially. There are many couples sharing same interests and having a successful relationship despite of their age. Moreover, younger women have also many things that attract men and move a way ahead to a successful relationship.

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  1. It all depends on the maturity level and consent of both parties.its normal for a 35 or 36 year old female to be intimate with a much older man say in late 60s or early seventies but not for a 18 year old girl.For a man getting attracted to younger women is a positive thing in terms of health.Again getting attracted to women in late thirties and forties for a 70 year old healthy man can be normal but getting attracted to 18 year old girl is criminal.

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