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3 Reasons Why Men Leave Women They Love

You are in a relationship and you know it quite well that the guy adores you. It looks perfect from all possible angles. Then one day out of blue you broke into tears when he tells you he is not happy in this relationship and keeps one foot out of the door. What suddenly happened to the bond and love you two shared? You and your man were connected to each other.

The reality is…too many men make this common mistake and run away from a relationship or a woman who they themselves consider amazing. Usually they do it for some basic reasons that could have been avoided. Here are a few possible reasons why men leave a women they love the most and what to do about them.

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Does He Sometimes Feel Emotionally Overwhelmed?

Emotionally Loaded

A relationship with man often times goes under various emotional stress. The question is—how do you handle it? Do you store all these emotions inside you only to finally explode one day in a destructive way? In a situation like this a mature man provide the support and masculine stability and the relationship remain intact. But, there are times when even a nice man can become overwhelmed verbally. This is a situation when men can’t handle the flood of emotions coming at him and ends up withdrawing to get away.

To avoid a situation like this in which your man get emotionally overwhelmed you need to learn to talk about the “emotionally loaded” topics calmly. Never push the talk too much so that it past the safe emotional ground.

Does He Think You Try To Fix Him Every Time?

He Feels Like You’re Trying To Fix Him

When you aren’t getting what you had expected from a relationship, you become frustrated and start raising your voice to communicate even the simplest things like your man’s attention. Unfortunately, men mistook this behavior as their criticism. If a man feels like you’re judging his shortcomings and faults, he’ll avoid listing to you and will never open up to you to explain his behavior.

Don’t remind him about his shortcoming, instead create the space for him to feel his problem area on his own and find ways to be a better man. You should not demand him to change because lasting changes come only from within.

Does He Feel He Is Losing His Freedom?

Have you ever thought why your man committed himself to you, and how he feels recently about this relationship? Are you two having more negative interaction these days, it is quite certain that is thinking about a way out.

However, if your relationship is fun, emotionally intimate, healthy and positive in the way you treat each other, be very sure that your man will not go anywhere and he will continue to devote himself to you. You’ll remain that rare special women he fell in love with and craves being with.

Final Words

Communicate in ways that demonstrate the real you and not the frustrated you who has a fear of losing his man for no apparent reason. Find ways to appreciate each other and avoid criticism as long as you can, you will be amazed to see the love and care he shows in return.

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