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How Does It Feel To Be In Love?

Have you ever fallen in love? If yes, how does it feel to be in love? Certainly, the feeling of falling in love is beyond description. It is a mixture of many emotions. Sometimes you may feel like your heart is bumping fast and sometimes a warm feeling overtakes your body. You are happy, nervous and scared by the feeling and just want to talk and be with your beloved.

How Does It Feel To Be In Love?

How Does It Feel To Be In Love?

When you are in love, there are many changes you will notice inside yourself. Both physically and emotionally, you become weaker and experience some vibrations. Other than being craving to meet your beloved, the physical changes you will encounter are:

Butterflies in stomach

When you are in love, you feel butterflies in stomach. You are impatient and there is utmost urge inside you to be with your beloved. Any person who knows how does it feel to be in love will tell you about this first when describing his physical emotions of love.

Dizzy feelings

When you are in love, everything seems pleasant and beautiful. According to sexpert Simone Bienne, when we feel initial attraction to someone, blend of chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin and phenethylamine are released. Due to which, our attraction to other person intensifies and we get more dizzy feelings.

Its Pleasant & Beautiful

Stuffed beats

The feeling of falling in love is quite similar like going for an interview. Your heart pounds faster, your pupils will dilate and your eyes will deceive you. Dilate pupils are the signs of positive emotions and you are eager to know about the person you are attracted to.

Union of bodies

A person who had ever fallen in love will tell you how addictive a love can be. When a person is in love, his/her body produces a milky substance that helps them in sticking together. This milky substance is known as Oxydin. This bonding chemical makes us to enjoy sex and keep people together for a long period.

How Addictive A Love Can Be

Deadly attraction

In love, the level of romance keeps on coming up and down. But, other than emotional headache, love can be deadly for you. When you are in love, the rollercoaster of emotions affect the physical body and all the aspects send your body into some frenzy. This can certainly cause some problems for the body.

Love can affect our physical and emotion levels at the same time. However, it can happen to anyone. Whether black women can fall for white man, or white women attracted to black men, there is no restrictions in falling in love.

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