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How Men Fall in Love – The Brutally Honest Truth

It’s difficult to define the feeling of love; it may be the same for both men and women but the phases of love are an entirely unique experience. Read in this article what men think and how they fall in love.

The First Stage

The initial state is the ‘I like you’ stage and men’s initial stage is all about instantaneous physical attraction. Women are different, they may fall in love during the first meeting, but sadly, initially men are only attracted to your bodily appearance. It’s not always a whole package; he may be attracted by your breasts or curvy behind. It’s all about a man’s specific appeal in a woman.

Second Stage

Attractive Woman

Men find themselves attracted to a lot of women for various different reasons. Some have sexy voice, other have firm boobs and so on. And they try to lure as many women as they can, at any given time. They very tactfully advance towards a woman. And as they get a little conformation they start to chase the woman. Even though they like the woman at this stage but they don’t really care about the outcome or rejection. If the woman doesn’t respond they move on to another woman who catches their attention.

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Third Stage

Third stage is ‘I am going to impress you’ stage. Most women actually fall in love at this stage, but men are yet not close to it. At this stage they will just do anything to impress you to show that they are worthy mate. They do every possible thing that makes you happy; gifts you, plans dates, take you to a long drive, hides his shortcomings, cooks something for you…

Fourth Stage

Man Shows His Love

The fourth stage is called ‘I want you to love me’ stage. If a guy has come up to you to the fourth stage, he wants to know if you love him or not. Your commitment and love is his utmost feat. Instead of committing himself towards you he worries more about how he can make you fall in love with him. He will show all his relationship skills, proving to you he is, undeniably, a good lifelong partner.

Fifth Stage

The fifth stage is the decision phase, the most crucial of all stages. In this stage men knows it very well that they have gained woman’s love and commitment. Up to this point he was only showing you “exactly” what you are looking for in a man. And from here problems begins because:

Now you see a different side of him, which he has been hiding to you. And you are now confused because he is not the person you fell in love with.

Man in Love

Up to this point, he never wondered if you’re right girl for him. And you won’t believe, for a man, it’s easy to dismiss a girl based on some stupid reason or for some other girls who is his recent liking.

The Sixth Stage

If the decision wasn’t positive, this is the stage when a man either dumps you or stat ignoring you if it was just a fling. A lot of complications usually come at this stage. Women are frustrated to see a totally different person and men are confused, whether they should continue with the girl or not. But if he decides to give this relationship a try or he is ready for a serious relationship you will start to see him taking care of you, and everything start happening that are said about love. And this is where men fall in love!

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