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What Make Men Fall In Love

You may think getting men to fall in love is not so easy and perhaps it is if you are only focusing on one particular guy. If you choose to date more than one man, the likelihood of having one fall head over heels is higher, especially if you use strategy. Getting a guy to love you can be done by using a formula and it works at least 80% of the time when utilized correctly.

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Secret Formula to Make Men Fall in Love

First, you must understand once a guy has you chasing him instead of the other way around you have already lost the game of love. The beginning of the formula is to have him lead. Even if you find him super-hot, it is best to lay back and go with the flow. I get that this might be out of nature for some, you may feel your method of keeping true to yourself is the best way. So, how has that worked out for you so far? Probably crappy. It’s time to switch the game and stop being so available. Even if it means purposely keeping yourself busy. Second, be eye candy and much more. Men are visual and want to see sexy which is the initial spark. However, to get him to fall in love, you must have your own sense of self and character. What do you like, honestly and without judgment, and how are you actively doing what you like? Having your own world separate from a guy you are going to date or potentially marry is a huge part of a successful and long-term relationship. Third, always speak in a positive tone and give compliments. Everyone has problems and sometimes it can be frustrating when they arrive out of the blue – this is normal; however, keep drama and other situations a part from your relationship until at least a commitment is establish. If there is no way around it, discuss it with a light at the end of the tunnel. Too much drama at the beginning can turn a guy completely off and he may feel this is the way your life is all the time. Last, stay super confident. If you are not sure how, start by working on things that make you happy without a guy in your life. It could be dancing, singing, art or even just hanging around a best friend. A good confidence builder is also feeling good about your body. Start walking or change your eating habits for yourself. Eating healthy always makes a person feel great anyway.


This simple love formula will keep a guy interested for long-term. As I mentioned before, it works 80% of the time. There are other factors that come in to play that may not have anything to do with you which you cannot control such as his personal life and his insecurities. If a man is not ready for love there is nothing you can do. Also, there has to be natural chemistry and as Anthony Robins say “natures that are similar causes a long lasting bond”. Your nature is your habit, morals and life desires. If those things are different there might be a problem where disagreements and miscommunication will tear at your relationship. This is why it is good to ask questions at the beginning before emotions start blinding your decision-making. Test the formula out yourself.

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