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Relationship Advice – 4 Things You Shouldn’t Be Saying To Your Boyfriend

Communication is important in any relationship and when two people are together they feel like sharing every single thing to their partner. But, there are times when one likes to be silent about a few matters and as a trustful partner a woman should respect that privacy and provide their husband or boyfriend that respectful space in their relationship. For all the women who wish to be a perfect girlfriend or wife, here are some tips in the platter served for you to make your relationship stronger and a bit healthier.

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STOP asking questions which portray of you playing a detective role:

Don’t Annoy Him Asking So Many Questions.

When you always blow their mind up with questions such as where were you? Why are you late? Who was with you? They don’t like it at all, they love their freedom and hitting that part you are annoying them every single time! So trust them with all your heart and they will in turn speak their heart out to you. If you don’t trust your man there is not point being in that relationship.

Telling them to keep all the stuff arranged or asking them to change their habits:

Men doesn’t like someone sitting on their head and telling them to keep all the stuff arranged all the time or giving a lecture on their eating, sleeping, or any weird habit that they might probably in love with! Let them enjoy a kid inside them which never wants to grow up.

You don’t love me anymore! You have changed with time:

Beginning of A Relationship

In the beginning of a relationship, all men try to give as much time as possible to their partner to build love, trust and bond, but in the long term it is not possible for them to be available 24/7 even though they wish to, because they have got ample of responsibilities and work to do for the betterment of life of them and their partner. So it becomes a girl’s call to understand and give moral support to his partner and understand need of the hour!

Asking him not to hang-out with his friends

He chose you as his life partner or future life partner because he believes that you understand him completely and also that his friends also plays a crucial part in his life and it shouldn’t be affecting you, because no one can take your place, so being a perfect partner you should give him his space, this will make him happy and so you will be happy too!

Final words!

Relationship is all about trust and giving each other that required space. If you understand these small things you can expect forever happiness and charm in your relationship.

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