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5 Best 2nd Date Conversations

Ever wondered what’s an appropriate conversation and what was not when dating? I’ve always said by the 1st date you at least need to agree on where the relationship is going or if it is going at all. For women, laying some sort of ground rules will prevent hurt and miscommunication. Being honest to yourself and your potential partner could do the very opposite many women fear when being upfront. By the 2nd date there are still conversations you will need to assure your next one.

Good Date Conversations

  1. Allow Him To Pick You Up – Discuss before the date how you will get to your destination. You can say, “Will you be picking me up?” As much as you want to be pampered most men desire to do the pampering. I understand you are an independent woman and you don’t need for anything but this is not about need it’s about romance. Men love to be in lead and in charge. Know you are still very much in control, however this will make him feel important.
  2. Catch Up – Talk about in more what you have done since the first date.
  3. Where is He Going in Life – Ask him a little more questions about his goals his career and passions. What excites him and brings him joy?
  4. Share common interest – Discuss the common interest of sports, art, movies and music. Share the most recent events that happened with them.
  5. Talk about Fun Stories – Keep the conversations positive and share fun stories of when your brother put gum in your hair when you were five.  Not fun at the time but laughable now type stories that he might relate to.

Bad Conversations

Talking about ex-lovers might not be the appropriate conversation piece when you are only on your 2nd date. Don’t forget things that he has told you before. This shows you are not very interested in him even if you are, but you simply forgot. Don’t cling on to him but smile and be inviting. Avoid talking about things that you are not – “I’m not skinny”, “I don’t have a college degree”, “I’m not pretty”.  Talk only about things that you are doing and accomplishing – “I like going to gym twice a week”, “I just enrolled in college”, “I like doing things for myself like getting manicures and facials”.  Changing the way you speak to yourself makes a huge difference and how you are perceived.

Final Thoughts

The hardest part of dating is the first one. You’ve made it past it and now you are invited to a 2nd one. Try to stay relaxed as possible but don’t forget the rules to getting a 3rd and 4th date. Don’t allow your fears to keep you from asking the right questions so that you are in the know instead of constantly guessing.

Author: Jessica Brown

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