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How to Get A Guy to Take You on a Second Date

You’ve check your cell phone a few time and he has not called. You’re wondering how he really feels about you and if he had a good time. Another day or two passes and you still have not heard from him. It’s what most of us go through after our first date but there are ways to get that cute guy to ask you out on a second date.

1. As a feminine beauty, you must understand you cannot control a man, period. Men enjoy making the first move. They crave it, therefore, some will make you wait on purpose. Still allow him to take lead and don’t rush it.

2. On your first date present your best communication skills. If you are not much of a talker at least listen attentively and show sincere interest in what he has to say.

3. Don’t mention past relationships. Only speak of the present and the future. Be super friendly and open minded.

4. Make suggestions for other places you would like to try together. Get passed the fear of sounding desperate. Talking about the future with him in it shows that you like him and want to see him again without actually saying it.

5. No sex until you get to know him. Sex right away can confuse things and make it look like you are moving forward when in reality you’ve just taking five steps back. Emotions will pop up prematurely or you will lose interest all together before figuring out, with a sensible mind, what you really want from each other.


Getting a guy to be so interested he takes you out on a second date is doable. You’ve got this! No more pacing the floor wondering if he’s going to call. Know that you are worth every bit of a second date and more. Remember, confidence is sexy. Next, time you have a date, smile, have fun and flirt, your chances of seeing him again just doubled.

Author: Jessica Brown

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