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5 Things Men Wish Women Would Do in Bed

It’s easy to fall in a habit of total comfort once you are in a relationship.  You may even stop doing the things that made sex hot and passionate. But, no worries. You can bring back the passion by adding these 5 things men wish women would do.

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  1. Give compliments before and during sex will build confidence and their libido. Feeling confident before will help performance which means you have a better chance of being completely satisfied.
  2. Talk during sex will stimulate sexual attraction making it more steamy and enjoyable. Just a little dirty talk will go a long way.
  3. Allow sharing of fantasies. Some men feel they will be judged if they share their fantasy with their partner. Open up a conversation by sharing your fantasy first.
  4.  Be honest about your own needs. Men are sexual creatures. They want to know how they can have as much of it as they can. If your sex life dwindled share what your needs are. What you want to make the bedroom more exciting and fun so that you want it just as much or at least more often. Also see this article: Have you tried pheromones yet?  to enhance sexual desire in women and men.
  5. Make it Interesting. This can be done by allowing your partner’s need to be fulfilled and make a game out of it as well as make sure he is working to fulfill yours. Men love a quest something to conquer. Give him a task.


Men see sex as a celebratory event and are not necessarily an addict or obsessed. How they celebrate it may include adult movies, adult toys or playing a fantasy. But ideally you can chose together what works for you both. Negotiation is the key to great sex and making your guy happy.

Author: Jessica Brown

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  1. A good lady is the one who dates her partiner

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