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6 Things Men Think About Women But Won’t Say

We all want to know what men really think about. We try so hard to understand their body language and what they say. What does it really mean? Can it really boil down to just 6 basic things? Well, like most humans we have endless thoughts in our head but I listed below 6 things men think about women the most but won’t say.

Elegant Dress Beats Sleezy Dress

Beautiful and elegant like a movie star or like brand new out of a package for the first time is what men want. They want your make-up and hair flawless at least when you go out in public.

You Can Be in Control in the Bedroom

Men love it when you take control in the bedroom. Of course, not every single time but they want to know they are attractive and wanted. Also tell him what pleases you the most.

You’re Beautiful Stop Complaining

Constantly complaining about your weight or looks is a turn off. He is with you because he is attracted to you and like what he sees. Remember, men are all visual. Put a halt on putting yourself down.

Give More Compliments

Tell him how good he looks. Give him a few smiles and tell him how you are having a good time. Men love to please and to know they are doing a good job is a win win situation because he will want to do more.

Men Like to Chase but Don’t Make it Impossible

Men want to have a little bit of a challenge. You have to play the cat and mouse game. Allow him to initiate phone calls and ask you out. Don’t let the chase go too long. Make a few suggestions later on where you’d like to go on your next date.

Be confident!

Confidence in a women is super-hot and very alluring. It makes people want to be closer and get to know you. Talk about the goals you have accomplished in life. Also discuss goals you are planning for the future. This shows that you are constantly building yourself and you like to go after what you want.

Author: Jessica Brown

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