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How To Make a Man Chase You

You can make a man chase you by exchanging a few bad habits for some healthy ones.

There are countless circumstances that make a man and a woman a perfect match.  Attraction is a funny thing BUT can be manipulated for your best interest. Luckily, men love a good chase. The most important and easiest way to attract a man lies in you.

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It all starts by ending all doubt that you are not good enough, pretty enough or worth having that great guy. You can build your self-confidence by first knowing what you want, being satisfied with your body, eating healthy and having options.

The biggest mistakes we make as women are giving too much time to one guy and feeling this maybe our last chance at love. I do understand that many of you want to have a long-term relationship with one person, this is fine. But that guy you like has to earn that status of attention and availability. If you give him everything at once, where is the mystery? Where is the challenge?

Here are some key ways to switch this out slowly. What we must understand about men is that they gather information much faster through a woman’s actions not necessarily her words. Women are the total opposites, what a man says is important to us and we process it better.

How to make a man chase you is easy if you put a little effort in it. This may seem like game play, but it is more like making sure you have the upper hand. Check out this list:

  • Allow a guy to call you more than you call him. If he calls once a week you wait for that call and even then don’t be so ready to answer the phone right away. Let it ring then call him back 20 to 30 minutes. If he doesn’t answer, leave a message.  If he is really interested in you he will call you back. Keep the conversation short if possible.
  • Be aware of of his actions. If your guy is pretty attentive at the beginning but slowed down, it could be because you allowed yourself to be too available. When he asked you out you said yes every single time.  When he wanted to talk for hours you allowed it. You told him all about yourself and he got the gist what type of woman you are within a short period of time. Again, no mystery.
  • Have him wonder where you are and what you are doing. Have more than one guy that you are dating. Open your options! If you are already in a committed relationship you can change this around by showing that you are busy with something else. Spend that time with friends for a short while and when your guy does see you again make it a short visit. Oh, he is going to ask questions  and be very concerned. But that’s what you want.
  • Be specific about what you want from him. Even if its just going out more. Let him know. You don’t have to be direct. It can be “I would really like to go out this weekend and try the new restaurant that open up.”


Build your self confidence, know what you want, be direct and reverse the chase by not being so easily available.  You are the price. Let him work for it.

Author: Jessica Brown

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