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How To Attract Men Emotionally

The Spark To Attract Men

We all know that a man can be attracted on what he sees and what catches his eyes- the physical appearance of a woman. If you are eying up for that man, you should aim for a deeper attraction. You might have established a connection and have opened your door but if you are aspiring for a long term relationship, you need to make that connection bloom and let that door stay open. What I am saying is that a guy may be physically attracted to you but an emotional attraction would be the key to set the spark in your love life ablaze. In order to do that, you should learn how to attract men that way.

What Men Really Want

First, let us get this straight: there is a thick line between attracting men physically and emotionally. Men are not as complex as we think they are. If you really want to keep a man interested on you, you must first understand his needs. To attract men would not be that hard if you know which buttons to push. As interesting as they could be, there are also scents that attract men. You should know that a man has a crisis on self-esteem. They have issues here that you, as his “future” partner, can help out. They want to feel worthy or valued in order to boost their confidence. They have this need to be appreciated and acknowledged on what they do. Don’t lessen their ego or make them feel that way.

Interest And Time

Men also want to feel that you are interested on them and the stories of their lives. Give him some of your time, this way, he can surely feel his worth. It is not always about you and your stories, it is important to note that men also have this need to communicate. There are many ways to attract men and communication is a very important means to a man’s feeling. They also have ideas, opinions and stories to tell. It is on your part to make him feel that the events in his life can also be considered significant. But be careful not to overdo this because men also have points that are better left unrevealed- careful not to push too much.

Controlling Them In A No-No

What men really hate is the tendency of some women to be manipulative. Surely they want a partner that is responsible on her actions and emotionally mature. But that doesn’t mean that they earned the right to control them. Remember, a man wants you to see him as someone responsible for his actions and not as someone weak and negligent. If you want to attract men, you should learn how they do things on their own pacing. Another thing to bear in mind is that men do not like women who are clingy and independent.

Be Real

When you want to attract men, you should deal with yourself before inviting affection. I mean, try not to pretend to be someone you are not. As a woman, you have all the weapons in you. Use them right and most importantly, on the right man. Men, like women, are sensitive too so consider their feelings as well. Women have different ways to attract men but these mentioned above one of the basic things you need to consider if you want to engage in a serious bond with someone special to you. To attract men is not difficult only if you are willing to open up to them.

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