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Have You Tried Pheromones Yet?

My first purchase of pheromones was just a few years ago. I was very skeptic but was willing to try it. The small 5 oz roll on bottle was $35 but I was allowed to smell the content before buying. I had just started dating this guy I really liked. I mean I had a major crush on and I knew we already has mutual attraction but I wanted to make sure I was irresistible to him.

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How I Used Pheromones

I put on the roll on pheromone after a hot bath on my neck and wrist. Then I applied my usual perfume…but just a little. That evening he came to my place to pick me up and when he reached to hug me he went straight to the spot I had place the pheromone. Interesting, right? All day he kept complimenting how great I smelled and kept going to the one spot on my neck, same side. Needless to say it was quite a passionate evening.

Pheromone ENHANCES what is already there. It’s not a love potion that will force someone to love you or be attracted to you that normally wouldn’t give you the time a day. However, even those types, that ignore you might at least say hi. Don’t expect a miracle. Use pheromones to assist you on making your night the best romantic evening ever.


Try pheromones enhancers. Not all of them are expensive. Choose products from brand name companies to ensure quality ingredients. Test it on friends or a guy you are dating. Pheromones do work if used appropriately. If you haven’t tried pheromones yet maybe now is the time.

Author: Jessica Brown

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