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3 Pheromone Reviews From Real Buyers

The best pheromone products have great reviews and not that expensive. Natural pheromones are odorless that comes from women and men. Most of the time the scent activates when either testosterone or estrogen are high, according to scientist. Have you ever been curious about pheromones and if they really work? Well you don’t have to take my word for it or science. Read what others say about pheromone perfumes.

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3 Pheromone Reviews From Real Buyers

1. Women Dream Scented Pheromone Roll

Received only 5 star reviews. It’s not the most decorated product but its content is what you are really after anyway. Recent buyer wrote, “Most the scents are great including this one, very sweet strawberry/vanilla smell. I will continue I purchase these oils and try new scents,”

2. Pheromone Marilyn Miglin Women Bath

25 year old product that has stayed the tests of time and still have very loyal customers. Buyer wrote, “I found this perfume in the 70’s and have used it since. It is delicate, feminine, long lasting. Even my laundry smells like it! Would not be without it and I have tried the other very famous/expensive products. This oil is expensive but 2 drops is all it takes.”

3. Love Potion La Femme Mystere

Creator gets acknowledged as one of the greatest pheromone masters not only for its “ladylike” fragrance, but also because it works to attract men. Review from purchaser says, “I’ve been using pheromones for about 4 years now, and this blend is one of the very best!! I feel so amazing when I wear it, like a goddess!! I enjoy pheromones as much for the self-effects as for the effect on others, and this one wins on both counts!! People, men and women alike, are friendly and attentive, and truly attracted to me when I wear this! I have it unscented and blended at 2x strength with a scent, and I enjoy them both. ”


You don’t have to buy expensive pheromone perfume to get results. No one has to know if you don’t want them to, either. A light spritz or roll on and you’re off on your social affair with confidence. Feel your best and don’t forget to wear a smile.

Author: Jessica Brown

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