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Body Language Of Someone In Love

Body language plays a big role whenever we talk about love, romance or dating. It is considered an essential part of attraction. There are many questions that people ask themselves such as “What will happen in the relationship?” or as simple as “Do they even like me? Or funny as “Do opposite attracts? “ Well, the hints to these answers can only be given by the body language of love. In fact it is a tool to actually know where you currently stand. The main question arises on how to use body language to be attractive and how does it play an important role in attraction? I did a course to study its effects and in the course I have learned many things, which I will be happy to provide you in this content.

What Really Happens When You Fall in Love

When you fall in love, your body releases a variety of hormones, which keeps racing around your body and brain. The most famous and well known hormone is dopamine. It is responsible for the creation of the initial romantic sensation. It also increases a level of excitement in the body and the most important a craving for the one you love.

The difficult stage is its initial stage where you may develop feelings of unworthiness or you develop a fear, which usually makes you shy and insecure. You are always in fear that the person you love may not respond to your feelings.

Now the main question you must be having is how do these really translate into some kind of body language? Well, the emotional experiences that you usually undergo cause spontaneous physiological reactions and other behavioral propensities. These changes are visible as the body language of love.

Common Body Language Of Love Shown By Men

Now let’s look at some of the common body language that man shows when he is interested in someone.

  • Eye contact – When you see a man making eye contact at his girl, he will usually stare deeply and directly in her eye for a longer period of time.
  • Touch – You can feel a sense of protectiveness and possessiveness whenever he gets an opportunity to touch your hand. He will usually mingle his fingers with yours.
  • Tuck and Touch – He may tuck your hair behind your ears and usually likes to puts his hand on your back.
  • To create an impression more deep, he will starts mingling with his clothes. For example, he may start fixing his tie or make his shirt smooth. He may flex his muscles to show his masculinity and strength.

Never Interpret Body Language In Isolation

Always remember that body language can be misinterpreted and are not definite. Body language should never be interpreted in isolation but always to relevant peripheral factors. Falling in love is an awesome experience. However, if you are not sure about the feelings of the other person, it can be heartbreaking sometimes. Therefore, it is always advantage to learn some body language of love to attract men. Apply your knowledge not only on the feeling of love but also to other imperative aspects of your life such as business or other social relationships.

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