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5 Reasons A Man Might Reject You

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This may be true. Men do think and feel entirely different than women when it comes to relationships. While most women take action with their feelings men are more analytical and visual. For women to avoid rejection we have to sort of chose our actions based on what we know about men and not rely so much on our emotions. However, there are 5 reasons men reject women.

1. They Got The Gold – Once a man has had sex there is nothing to reach for. There is no goal to get to especially when there is no commitment established first. Why bother? Why win your heart or do anything else if you have already given him the price before making him work for it? There’s no challenge and there are plenty of other women to chase.

2. They Don’t Have Their Own Space – Women like talking, affection and attention but sometimes we over do it. We forget there is an entirely complete human being that has their own goals, desires and hobbies that are separate from us. He can’t be with us 24 hours seven days a week. You must allow him to live his life freely without forcing him in a cage.

3.  They Don’t Want What You Want – He listened and understands that you are now ready for a relationship and he’s just wants to date. Or you have said you just want to date and he wants a one night stand. Simply put, you goals don’t meet and it has nothing to do with you personally.

4. He is Aware of His Many Options – This kind of goes with him not being ready and when he knows he has a load of options that fit gorgeous or out of this world than he is not going to settle for just one. It also means there are other options that are on your level or higher and he wants to explore them all.

5. Your Not His Type – After a date or two he has discovered you’re not compatible. They say opposites attract but the reality is, you must have at least a few things in common to make it work and to have real interest in each other. This cannot be changed. You are who you are and he is who he is.

Final Thoughts

Some of the reasons men reject women you will have full control of and some you won’t. Dating is like playing roulette you just don’t know. But if you chose the right strategies your chances of meeting the right guy and having a successful relationship, well, the odds will be in your favor. Pay attention to what you do and make sure the reason Mr. Right left is not because of something you could have prevented.

Author: Jessica Brown

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