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5 Ways to Get a Good Man, Now!

Do you struggle with finding a guy that is willing to take you out, treat you like a queen and is attentive? This small list will help you get back on track with getting the right guy you want without all the confusion and doubts that come along with dating.

1. Know What You Want!
It’s hard to find a right guy especially with all the confusing advise given to you from friends, family, television and online. But to put it simple, first know in detail what you want. At least know how you wish to feel when the great guy. When you know what you want you will be able to point out the guy you don’t want faster. Some examples: height, has a bachelor degree, lives only 1 hour away or a great kisser, etc. You can stop wasting your time with the person that is not presenting at least your first 5 on your list.

2. Know Your Value
Having standards is VERY important. Know that you are worth respect, love and attention. If the person you are with is not expressing whatever true value you have expressed for yourself, then action to walk away is needed.

3. Open Opportunities
I once had a client who was ready for a relationship. I told her to go out and mingle, but she was a little shy. Eventually, I got her to take dance lessons and go to her favorite shop/cafe/bookstore on the weekends. Not much time passed by before she was invited on a date. She was shocked. The more doors you open for that right person to come the faster they will get to you. No chasing or sacrificing your young for that awesome person. Online dating, clubs, karaoke bars, dance classes, bowling and even the grocery store can be an opportunity. Dress nice and be approachable (smile in other words).

4. Be Honest
Ask yourself, “Do I really want a relationship?” Be honest and know it is ok; whatever it is you want. No judgment. Also, the sooner you ask the big question to that guy or girl, the less time you will waste on someone who does not want what you want. Before I got married I asked my husband on the first date what he was looking for. This made everything clear upfront with no expectations or room for living in a fantasy world. And, that is what you want.

5. DO NOT Settle
How many of us are guilty of this? Me!! I did it many times. I would say, “Oh well he is so sweet but he lives with his mom” or “He has a good job but he has anger issues.” YIKES! If you know this is not your number 1 pick do not convince yourself it is ok in hopes that this will change. This is how some of us get stuck and become frustrated in a relationship that is not healthy.  All that time wasted on those people that are not what you really want you could be in the best relationship you ever had.

Some of you might say, “But no one’s perfect.” lol. You are right to a degree. No one is perfect. I’m not asking you to look for perfection. I’m asking you to not settle for less than what you know you don’t want upfront. Because if it is annoying at the beginning when you are getting to know each other, it will be unbearable later on. They’re not going to change.

You have the power to attract that perfect person but you must set up some guidelines to get you there. Have fun and remember the right person is out there for you.

Author: Jessica Brown

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