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How to Attract a Man with Body Language

I had the pleasure of listening to a great speaker just last week who spoke about the art communication. He said, with the right body language you can change someone’s attitude towards you. This can be applied to any relationship. We as women, prep hard before going out on a date.  New clothes, hairstyle, perfume and a great smile, we believe this is all that is needed to woo the guy in our lives. Men are very visual, so this does work in our favor; however, to put some insurance on attracting a man certain body language will triple your chances.

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Check Out How to Attract a Man with Body Language

What your body is saying means a lot to your date. Why not use it to your advantage? According to Tony Robbins, when you copy just 2 body movements of the person you are with you are sending a message that you have something in common (2010). Your guy might think subconsciously, “Wow she gets me”. For instance, if he touches his chin or does a slight hand gesture when he talks, you can do the same when you talk.

Other Ways To Attract Non-Verbally

There are other ways besides body language that can send a non-verbal signal that you are on the same page and super awesome. Tony Robbins, also says copy the tone of the person you are with (2010). If the guy you are dating is talking with excitement then you talk with excitement, too. If he is talking softly then you talk softly. You will be amazed how this will change the entire conversation in your favor.


It’s OK to get dressed up while looking and feeling you best for that night out, but with the extra tools of good body language you can make your crush yours. He’d think, “Wow, that chick was incredibly cool. I want to see her again.” What girl doesn’t want a 2nd or 3rd date from a hot guy? Not me.

Author: Jessica Brown
Robins, T. (2010) Awaken the giant within. Voice audio [CD]. USA

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