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How to Read a Guy’s Body Language

There are simple ways to find out what a guy is feeling. If we all could by-pass men that are not really into us without embarrassment I think we’d all be happier. Here are four ways to detect from his body language whether or not he has the hots for you.

1. He raises his eyebrows. This means he likes what he sees. Its a subconscious reaction to visual stimulation to the brain. If he raises his eyebrows just a little while talking then he is interested in what you have to say

2. He smiles big – so big that he squint his eyes and he shows most of his teeth. Obviously that is a big sign he is having a good time with you.

3. His pupils are large and it’s not because you are in the dark. When eyes are dilated it is an auto response to being attracted to what is being seen.

4. He looks at every spot on your face but your eyes. This is not because he is hiding something. It’s because with viral technology most people spend their time communicating through phones or computers. Staring at someone’s eyes for a long time is hard and can be uncomfortable if you do not know the person very well. So, if your guy is looking at you at least a good percent of the time he is definitely into you.

How to read a guy’s body language is up to you and it’s not that complicated if you pay attention to the subtle expressions. Watching his movements can help dissolve miscommunication and embarrassing moments. Men are the simple creatures of the world. They’re not that hard to figure out. They say it’s women that are more complicated and hard to figure out. But I say, what’s wrong with a little mystery.

Author: Jessica Brown

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