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The Body Language Of New Romance

A romantic body language can be used as to improve your relationship or used as weapon of massive seduction. In our quest to find romance, we “unconsciously” practice the art of romantic body language in our daily flirting activities with our dorm mate or co-worker. Some have “killer moves” that would repute to bring in herds of potentials. But like other languages, misunderstanding is an often mistake since its interpretation would depends on the observer. A subtle brush of hands and even crossing of legs can be interpreted differently.

Eye Expressions

Eye contact is more bewitching than a love potion; it is the most important component in a romantic body language. Our eyes are the windows to our soul, but for me it is the best body part to making sure he gets your message. Sincerity, worry, interest and passion are expressed through the eyes. Lowering you lashes is interpreted as being shy, holding his stare may mean that you are really interested in him and gazing at her lips can be an urge to kiss her. Avoid the “wink” maneuver because in this modern era, it is not a romantic body language and some consider it insulting.

Make Him Memorize Your “Signature Smell”

If he leans closer, it may mean that he is implying to want to know you more or he loves to smell you. So, make sure that you are wearing scents to attract men and not another species. Do not go overboard with your perfume. Women also do smell their dates in subtle maneuvers like whispering to about the dessert.

The Weapon Of Choice For Manipulation

With your lips, the potentials are limitless. Even a mere licking of your lower lip can be interpreted in different ways. It is the most commonly used body part in a romantic body language. One does need tutorials on using your lips to manipulate your date, each of us have this inner instinct that can be animal or human.

Beauty Alone Is Not Enough In This Millenium

Intelligence and humor will surely give you an audience with your date. To get his ear, you must learn to find topics you two can discuss and not end up a one-man narration. Laughter is music to someone who wants to impress you; it is the most effective romantic body language to reward your date of his effort. Don’t be afraid to laugh for it shows someone that you have a sense of humor and is the sexiest romantic body language. But please, refrain from snorting, in any public place and in any event, this can turn heads and switch off any budding romance.

The Most Powerful

Touching someone signifies you are in a more intimate level. Holding a lady’s back while going up the stairs means you are a gentleman, now that is my personal favorite romantic body language between lovers. When the topic is sad, touching his arm means you sympathize. Since it is the most powerful, one should also be careful especially on where you touch. To ladies, if you touch her knee below the table, it is romantic but if you go higher, it means another thing.


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