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How to Interpret Romantic Body Language

The body language of attraction is quite difficult to understand. However, if someone is able to read or interpret the body language, he/she could easily understand what kind of interest the opposite person is developing. Also, one could analyze if the person is comfortable around you and wish to know you even better. Understanding romantic body language is very crucial because it allows you to understand that you are sending and understanding the precise message to others.

Stand Closer

The first principal of romantic body language to attract men is to stand closer to them. The distance of two feet is enough to analyze that a particular man is interested in you. If a person stands very much closer to you and is not worried about being touched by your arm, there is a big possibility that a person is romantically interested in you.

Body Language of Attraction

Body Positioning To Attract Men

The next form is body positioning. It plays a vital role in attracting a man to a large extent. This positioning can easily convey your message that the next person is interested in you in a romantic way. If someone is talking to you and their body part, especially the torso is turned towards you and bent closer, this gives a clear indication that a person is romantically interested in you.

Eye Contact

Eye contact helps you to understand the behavior of another person. If he/she casts a lingering stance at you for a few seconds, the person is sending you a romantic provocation. For understanding the romantic interpretation, make sure that there is direct eye to eye contact with often blinks. After all it is not wrong to say that ‘Your Eyes are the windows to the Soul.’

Mimics Your Body Moments And Gestures

If a man mimics your body and the gestures, there is a big chance that he is interested in you romantically. If in case, you both are sitting and you lean your chair towards him, and he to repeat so, then there are chances that he is interested in you romantically. The main sign of romantic interest is when a man is mirroring your gestures and movements.

Is Someone Interested in You Romantically?

It is a fact that women use 52 moves to attract a man, whereas, men just use 10 moves to attract women. Though, the amazing fact is that women are very good at interpreting body language. By understanding the small gestures, as mentioned above, women or men can easily analyze if you are going to continue with the romantic attraction or just run away. The body language of attraction is not as difficult as it seems, the only thing you need is to understand if the other person is seriously interested in you romantically and either you should move forward or not.

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