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Dating Do: Eye Contact

Our eyes are the only part that carries sexual energy. With eyes two people come into contact of each other’s sexual boundaries. What the outcome of an eye contact would be depends on the amount of sexual energy two persons are holding at that vary moment.

Dating Nonverbal Communication

When two individuals meet, most of their communication is more or less non-verbal. There are various methods of non-verbal communications and one of them or the biggest of them is eye contact. You can read a lot about someone through their eyes. What is running in someone’s mind can easily be seen on his eyes. And, the person whom you are gazing might not even know that he is transmitting so much information. Not only for a dating perspective, in general as well, being able to read someone through his non-verbal communication a great skill. It is a key of dating to know someone paying attention to their eye contact.

Eye Contact To show Interest

Eye Contact

What most of us find difficult is detecting if someone really likes you or not. Once you gain confidence in this area, things become easier for you to determine your next move. Eye contact is a sign of interest in you. typically, the often a person makes eye contact with you, with a longer span every time, the more likely it is that he is interested. An eye contact for a second is not enough for concluding it to a great dating prospect but if it last for more than 2-3 seconds you may take it as a clue. The theory of eye contact for dating does not apply word to word for on every case. If a person is too shy, he might hesitant making direct eye contact with you even though he is very much interested.

Love At First Sight

Eye contact is the base of any healthy communication, verbal or non-verbal. If you are not so good at making eye contact with other people, practice it! The only thing you can do is to look into someone’s eyes and get used to it. If you like someone or are interested to talk to him don’t look at them when they are not looking to you. It make you look more confident when you look someone and pass a beautiful smile when he looks back to you. Love at first sight would not happen if you remain shy. Attraction starts when you caught looking, and remain shy would not lead you to a person’s heart.  Everyone likes to be appreciated for his appearance and looks. So if you stare a man he would not feel offended.

It Turns Them On

If you keep a desire to date a man then get him to be intrigue by you. Look at him, stare at him, it turns men on both physically and mentally. A lot of women think that if they eye contact with men they will lose away their power. No, the truth is – men find the gesture being honest towards feelings.

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