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Body Language Mistakes On Your First Date

You may be having butterflies in your stomach thinking about your first date. What if you make a body language mistake and ruin all the anticipations of second and the third at the very first date. Your body language or your non-verbal communication sometimes decides your fate on your first date. Every move you make during your first date sends a particular message to the person you are dating. Here are a few common body language mistakes people make without even realizing its impact and regret afterwards.

Eating Too Fast

It is human nature to give reflections of its emotions in one or the other way.  Your feelings are expressed when you give them words and speak what you feel out loud or they are expressed itself by different body moves and postures you make. When you feel awkward with your first date, without even realizing you speak that through your body language. Expressions of awkwardness are usually characterized by making fast moves such as speaking too fast or eating too fast.  So, if you realize any of these things happening to you control your emotions and pretend to be calm and relaxed.

First Date

Your Attention Or Direction Of Your Feet

When your eyes notice something good, your body automatically moves closer towards it. So, when you are with your first date, control your body’s direction, especially your feet they should be towards your partner. If there is something more attractive in the scene, say a handsome man sitting next at another table or an object in the visible range of your eye, make sure your body has not turned toward that. The direction of the dating couple towards each other indicates they are highly attracted to each other.

Nodding Excessively

Nodding is a sign of being agree. Now you may be wondering what is wrong if I nod to something my partner say. There is nothing wrong if you nod to the word pairs but keep the frequency minimum otherwise it will indicate that you are not interested in the conversation going on during the first date.

Crossed Arms

During your first date keep your hands wide open because when you cross your hands you send a message to the person talking to you that you are not open to him.  Your partner has dated you to know you well. Crossing your hands will make the situation uncomfortable and he would feel awkward continuing an open conversation with you.

Moving Too Close To Him

Do not be too close to your partner even if you have gazed his interest in you during the first date. When you lean your body totally towards someone during the first date it sends a signal that you are only attracted physically and want to finish it all overnight.

Staring For Too Long

Eye contact is an important non-verbal communication object. But use that with caution. A sharp gaze or staring too long might make your partner uncomfortable. It is your first date; if you are looking forward to seeing your partner again and again do not intimidate him by staring too long. Look into his eyes for a second or two; it is more than enough to his that he is liked and accepted.

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