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How To Read Man’s Body Language

Do you think understanding someone’s body language is an expert skill then you are probably wrong. Anyone can read and understand body language; it needs a little observation and attention to guess what someone holds in his mind. Physical communications or nonverbal communications start earlier than people actually speak to each other. Women are by nature more observant than men; use this asset to know male’s intentions and feelings earlier than they come to you in words. So when your man is hesitant to express his true feeling look at his face, shoulders or other body parts to read him through.

Look At His Feet

Feet are an open book, and reading them is quite easy. They are the honest part of human body and hardly ever give you a wrong clue. A tapping foot shows happiness and you should find yourself very lucky if your man keeps his toes in the air, resting his heels on the floor when he is with you. It’s a sign of a happy man.

Identify Man’s Intention Though His Body Language

Foot touching is a symbol of desire for love and sex. If your boyfriend touches your feet with his feet many times, he is desperate to make love with you. If you and your boyfriend do not touch each other with your feet as often as you used to be, you need to rethink about your relationship.

What Does His Hands And Arms Say?

Next, you can look at his hands. If you find his hands in his pocket or hiding them from you in some other way then he is not telling you entire truth. Or there is something in his mind that he is not ready to tell you, now.

Arms in the air are similar to toes in the air, the man is happy. It’s a human nature to use hands in pacifying gestures to hide stress and comfort. When you esquire your boyfriend about a girl you saw with him last night and he rubs back on his shoulder before replying…be sure that he has prepared a story for you. And he does not trust you enough to tell the whole truth.

Identifying Man’s Intention In The First Meeting

A man is coming close to you may be with an intention of a business relationship, a simple academic friendship, for fling or for a serious relationship. You must be very alert while meeting a man for the first time and should find out the intentions through the body languages he uses. If man greets you with formal but firm handshake he has some business intentions to fulfill with you. He will make a direct eye contact but probably at the end of the phrases. While walking with you he will maintain a good distance keeping his face towards you.

A man interested in friendship will make occasional eye contact, and will turn towards you sometimes expressing that he is listening to you but will not give you his entire attention during the conversation.

A man with intention of fling will come too close too soon. He will give you longer eye contact and will also touch you once a while even while you both are completely new to each other.

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