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Flirty Body Language

Body language has long been in use for flirting. When you see a handsome man across the room you feel like flirting with him and that is absolutely ok. But the problem is how to convey your internal desire to him? Would body language be useful to convey your true desire to flirt?

Body language cues are most effective but harmless way to show the person that you would like to know him better. Here are a few tips on effective body language cues for flirting. If for any reason you don’t want to use them, they will still be useful.

Flirting With Your Eyes

Your eyes communicate more than you. Use their power to flirt the person you like. Make an eye contact for three to five seconds with the person you find appealing, it’s a well used flirt tactic. It’s the most innocent way of flirting and would suit to a girl who is in her sixteen or seventeen. Girls if you liked the idea of flirting with your eyes — go for it, but make sure that the recipient has ready to catch your signals.

Preening For Flirting

How To Flirt Using Touch

You may groom yourself in many ways for flirting when you are in public. You are a woman so you have better opportunities than a man for grooming yourself in a flattering way. Try some hair stroking; it catches men’s attention fast. Lip licking, hip tilting, neck exposing, clothes straightening and so on, there are many many ways you can use to call attention for your attractiveness.  Preening body language can also be a trick to show off your best features.

Smile For Flirting

Smile is not really a flirt tactic but if you add a radiant smile to any of the above given preening ideas, it will help you more with your intention of flirting. The man you are targeting might not respond to a smile you send, you need to add a little bit extra to it to make him realize flirt in you intention. Its is said that scents to attract men become more effective if the wearer if the wearer has also worn a smile with that.

Flirting By Pointing

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to use your finger silly. Pointing here means moving your body towards the person you want to flirt. Make sure that your feet are targeting your flirt target. Your shoulders are leaned towards him – even if this is the first time you two are meeting. Try to close off the space just for you two, for example cross your legs towards him or tilt your head slightly one side resting on your arms.


Look for all those opportunities where you can touch the person you want to flirt with. You may pretend it an accident or otherwise. Shaking hands is a way of flirting combined with introduction. You may accidently touch the person while you are on your way to the dance floor. A flirty touch can occur unconsciously while two people are sharing a laugh. You may lightly tap him to give him your intention during the talks. There may be other similar chances you can get if you focus a little bit, such as asking his help on staircase or while he offers you a drink or something.

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