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Is Licking Lips A Sign Of Flirtation

We use our tongue more in our verbal communications but do you know that your tongue can also send non-verbal signals to a person sitting next to you. With practice you may even read these non-verbal signals to interpret someone’s true desire or state of mind.

When you want to say someone that you don’t like him, you probably stick out your tongue. But this is not the entire communication your tongue does, in its non-verbal mode. In the body language realm, tongue has multiple uses. When you want to get across your message a person you love or the one you are dating you can put it on display, in slightly different way making it a romantic body langue.

Licking The Lips

romentic body language

A Man Licking His Lips

By licking your lips you can send variety of messages to the person you are with. This romantic body language may have variety of interpretations, depending on the person who is doing this and also in what setting. Look at a few possible scenarios:

  • It is your second date and you both are at a dinner table. You order dinner and in few second you notice your partner liking his lips. You get confused – is it for you or for the food that you ordered just?
  • You are at a nightclub with your friends. You notice a boy staring at you and sometimes he licks his lips, too. Are they genuinely dry or they possess a different meaning?
  • Another scenario. You are just done with your jogging. You do a little stretching and then suddenly you notice another runner exercising at different corner of the park licking his lips. Is he trying to use this romantic body language for flirting?

There may be hundreds of similar situations where you may have noticed someone licking his lips. The romantic body language has created misunderstanding in thousands of relationships. Before getting into any conclusion you should get some true knowledge about reading this or similar body language cues.

Various Interpretations

If I start answering to these questions my answer would be a “no” to most of the questions. Licking lips at dinner table while waiting for a meal does not indicate romantic desire but it indicates that he can’t wait to devour the food. But, licking lips by the man at a nightclub surely indicates that this romantic body language has been used by the man for his sole purpose of showing his sheer interest in you. Here it can hardly be interpreted in something else.

It is very important to undertake the environment and other element while interpreting the body language. It is kind of unlikely that a man exercising in the park is actively looking and flirting with girls. He might be thirsty and his lips are really dry after doing lot of running and exercising.

Read Entire Body Language

There may be various reasons of lip licking and it is very important that you well observe entire body language of your man before making any romantic move based on the way he is moisturizing his mouth.

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