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Why Some Men Lick Their Lips – Hot Topic

You would never guess that a simple non-verbal body language such as licking lips could have such a deep meaning. Men lick their lips for different reasons and most of the time it’s while eating, but this type of male is different. Men that lick their lips constantly are said to be a certain type of lover. In fact, males who lick their lips also have a certain personality trait that is spot on.

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Type of Lover

It is said that men who lick their lips often are aggressive but passionate lovers. A few women stated that men that they have been with who lick their lips frequently, seem to all want it a little rough in the bedroom. He may prefer to be on top or at least in lead of every position.


Experts say it is an indication of nervousness or lying when I guy licks his lips.  But there is more to it then just that. Men that lick their lips are often very social and usually have some sort of leader position. He might be out in the public more often than usual even if it’s just being outdoors such as camping, some type of sports or hiking. They often have a great smile and a charmer.


If this type of guy is your type than look for the body language of lip licking the more he does it the most likely he fits the description. If you find a guy that does this but doesn’t do it often it could be just nervousness or you have caught him in a lie. The truth is when a man licks lips a lot is most likely a stimulation of his own sexual desire and his appetite might be tense. Adjust your seat belt to tight if this guy comes into your life.

Author: Jessica Brown

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