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10 Tips On How To Attract Men

Do you want to make that first impression to last long? Although, it a universal fact that man are attracted to women’s beauty but still there are a few things that remain in men’s conscious alive for longer time. What are those attribute that could make your fate in your first date?

  1. Emotions and feeling are best expressed through eyes. When a man notice love in a woman’s eye, he finds her most trustworthy and trust have the longer life compared to other emotions according to the specialists.
  2. Smile is the second most important factor of your personality. A soft spoken is always considered as soft hearted. When you meet a man first time he notices the movement of your lips every time you replies to his questions or show your approval with a simple smile on your face. Your lips can enhance the charm of your smile. Select a lipstick that suits to your skin tone and make your smile more attractive.
  3. There is no doubt that men notices and remember a girl’s eyes and lips first but a flawless skin and pink colored cheeks does not remain unnoticed.

    Keep Your Skin Smooth And Soft

  4. Now the things that come into the notice of a man is girl’s hair. Long healthy hair will always remain on top of men’s choice to get attracted towards a woman. But short hairs are also preferred if they are smooth and silky.
  5. Just imagine, on you first date your partner holds your hands to express his feeling and he finds your hand rough and lifeless. Would he be able to say what he wanted to? Smooth skin of your hands and legs is felt so deeply and man remember that touch for long time. Maintain your skin to look its best.
  6. I have noticed women concurring men’s heart with their sexy and calm voice. If you don’t have that charismatic voice you can adopt a few styles to make man remember you always. Talk slow and in low resonance. Low resonance in your voice makes you look sweet and understanding and this way you can attract men innocently.
  7. Fragrances have been in use for long by both men and women to attract the opposite sex. Wearing a good smell is most important when you are going to meet a guy. Scents to attract men are there to help women at this place. Make a sensible choice among a lot of brands and fragrances and get full marks on this as well.
  8. Body type is again an important factor. Every man has his own favorite; some like curvy women while other prefer a tall.  Whatsoever body type you have always make sure that you possess a healthy body.  Give your body at least half an hour every day to keep it in its best shape.  Men always remember when they meet a healthy and vibrant personality.
  9. Kindness is another thing that remains in somebody’s mind for a long time but it should come naturally form you.  Remember you cannot wear kindness for a date. It’s a personality trait.
  10. A little bit of attitude is something that men notice. If you wear some attitude that shows self confidence in you, it’s really not bad an idea to attract men.

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