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What Hairstyle Do Men Find Most Attractive

You might have read a lot of articles on “how to attract men” that tells a lot about your physical appearance. Most of you might have found men staring at your chest and you believe that this is the only thing at which a woman should be perfect. Well, the reality is that your face is the first thing that a men notice, however, they do not stare it more often. No matter how strongly you deny but the fact will always remain the same that your face makes your first impression. Hair or a hairstyle that you apply provide your face a frame and completes your personality in a certain way. They send men a signal about “who you are” and what desire you keep inside about sex and men in your life.

Long Locks

So it’s not as simple as it seems. You just cannot wear any hairstyle for women, while you hold strong desire to attract men. Just think about it—what impression you are giving to a person or the whole world when you have worn a power bobs or sleek ponytail on your head. Isn’t that telegraphs a message that you are ready to attend a business meeting or a corporate cocktail. You can certainly wear this hairstyle for women while you are going for an interview but, remember, this is really not recommended for a romantic date. According to me long locks are just perfects hairstyle for women, they make you look more sensual and men would want running their fingers through them again and again.

Hairstyle for women - Soft wavy hairstyle

Soft Wavy Hairstyle

Natural Waves

Don’t worry the list of what hairstyle men prefer on women does not end at long locks, there are much more that you can do to attract men with your hair. If your hair has natural waves, I must say you are lucky! Waves can spice-up any outfit that they are paired with. Wavy, soft hair that moves naturally looks sexy when they fall on your face or hide one of your eyes. When you remove them from your face or play with them, unconsciously, you don’t even know what magic you create around. You can lure any men with this sexiest way of hairstyling pairing it with little bit of innocence in your attitude.


It’s true that nothing can beat the magic of wavy curls but if you own straight long hair like Jennifer Aniston, you still have so much to bag. If you believe in last minute fashion then sporting a ponytail or a bed-head can be a great idea to go with. Bed-head sound very simple but believe me this one is the most difficult to achieve. I know, you won’t mind keeping your hair little frizz and fly-aways to get this stunning look which men consider the sexiest of any hairstyle for women.

You may carry any of this hairstyle for women that I suggested in this article or anything that you think suits you the most, but keep one thing very clear in mind. Men always attract with sine! So always keep your hair moisturized to avoid dullness and dryness of them.

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