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Your Smell Makes A Difference In Attraction

This is a lesson for everyone male and female. No matter how fine or gorgeous you are, if you smell bad then your cute points go down to zero. It’s hard to get over someone who stinks, especially when you first meet. First impression, last impression.

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I went to a really nice karaoke bar last weekend. It was perfect. Not too crowded and I had full control of the music selection. At first it was just me and my two friends singing, laughing and drinking a bit. By 11 pm two guys joined the scene and then a few more groups. I decided to show my shy friend how to approach a guy. So, I walked up to one of them and pulled him on the dance floor. He was OK looking, but would never be my choice to date, ever. In 5 seconds he went from OK to heck no. My first thought was, “When can I run?” He was charming, a good dancer and had a nice smile. The problem was he smelled bad. It was bad enough where even after stepping back I still could smell his sour odor. Yuck!

I sat down, reported back to my shy friend and allowed it to be her choice if she wanted to dance with the same guy. Visual IS important – it’s the spark while how you smell can be the gasoline for good or for bad. It can make the difference between passion and never seeing that person ever again.

Maybe the guy was in a hurry? If that’s the case he should have given himself ample time to get ready for a night out. You don’t want any girl/guy cute or not running the opposite way and spreading the word out to the dance floor.

Let’s say he smelled fantastic along with his charm and great smile. His cute points would have been a 7 or 8 in my eyes instead of 2 or zero. I might have never left the dance floor or at least coached my friend to taking a chance at him a few dance rounds.


This article may seem obvious, but there are still people out there that do not put how they smell number one before going out to socialize. Over doing it with too much perfume is a turn off, too. Just a little spray will be enough and allows your natural scent to do its job. When you look good and smell good your chances are higher to attract men and keeping them close to you.

Author: Jessica Brown

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