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How To Do Your Makeup To Attract Men?

Ask a man about makeup that he finds sexy and you would surprised to hear his answer; you might not have expected a detailed answer about women’s makeup and hairstyle. Men are similar to women they are very particular about what his woman should wear and what not, so when it comes to cosmetics, men definitely have a different opinion.

A man may find Beyone or Megan Fox very sexy, but when it comes to his girlfriend or wife, he might not like to see her in any of these two looks, but prefer a different one. Contrary to that many men are clueless about ‘how do women apply makeup?’ like; how to use mascara or eye liner; they only know if the end result was good or bad.

How To Do Makeup To Attract Men?

You might also have the same question like many other women I met with. The correct answer is – you need to find out your man’s specific likes if you want to attract one particular man. Whatsoever you do make sure that you never compromise on your personal comfort. Suppose, you want to attract a man who loves no-makeup look and you do not want to go to a party without wearing a little make up, you may have to settle for a mid way so that you feel good while still able to get his attention.

As I said earlier, men may find makeup look very appealing but on someone they might not meet entire their life, like a celebrity or Hollywood star. It is completely subjective whether you should apply makeup or not to attract men. Here are some makeup techniques to answer your question “How to do make up to attract men?”:

Smoky eyes:

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes immediately attract men’s attraction but to get that you don’t always need to use charcoal or black get your point across. Blue, green and shades of brown can also create that magic. Save this sexy look for evening to create real drama.

Long, thick lashes:

Long Thick Lashes

Long thick eyelashes catch attention of anyone. In other words you can say, they “pop”. Learn to apply mascara skillfully or use fake eyelashes to get the right look, easily.

Lush red lips:

Lush Red Lips

Lush red lips are definitely sexy to men –perfectly apply red lipstick on lush lips, although, most men don’t find it comfortable to kiss a women wearing tons of lipstick. If you finalized this look for your first date, choose a lipstick that won’t stick up all over him if you end the date with a kiss.

Natural lip color:

Natural Lip Color

Instead of lusty red lips, you can create a sexy vibe with lip color matching with your skin tone. Choose a lip color that has a natural tone and that also complement your complexion. Add a thin layer of gloss for a perfect daytime make up.

All these makeup tips on how to do makeup and scented stocking to attract men won’t work if you forgot to wear a confident smile on your face. No matter what these or other make up tips suggest, you need to be happy with your look. Confidence is incredibly attractive thing both in men and women and can do much more than so call “perfect” shade of lip color.


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