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What Men Think Of You If You Do Not Wear Makeup

How do you wear makeup or the act of applying makeup has evolved over the years. As a result, there is no one ideal way for putting makeup and varies according to preference and choice. People are increasingly conscious about how they look; however looking good does not require too much effort or time. In addition, wearing makeup may appear expensive, intimidating and hard work from the outset but following some expert advice relating to how do you wear makeup and finding some value for money products can help simplify the task while making it fun filled.

Deciding Upon How Do You Wear Makeup And The Type Of Skin In Question

Determining how do you wear makeup also depends upon whether the individual is applying face makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, nail polish and so forth. However, one widely advised suggestion given to people before they apply makeup is to determine the type of skin they have. Skin may be oily, moisturized, dry or a combination of different types of skin. Being aware of the type of skin makes it easier to purchase those makeup related products that are best suited to the skin. Cosmetic professionals are usually equipped to analyze the skin and suggest how do you wear makeup.

Guidelines For Face Makeup And How Do You Wear Makeup In General

For the best answer to the question, how do you wear makeup, one must begin with a freshly washed face and a clean pair of hands too. Getting a facial done and using a deep cleansing mask is advisable in order to ensure this.  Moreover, a light moisturizer must be massaged on to the face regardless of the type of skin in question. Thirdly, a foundation primer must be applied prior to applying any tinted moisturizer or foundation. Fourthly, one must apply only that foundation which matches skin tone. Fifthly, applying concealers and loose powders; highlighting brow bones and cheek bones with a light powder must also be ensured.

Guidelines For Applying Eye Makeup

Lastly, applying small blush to the cheek; contouring the face, if required; and finally, blending everything together with a fluffy powder brush can ensure a perfect face makeup. Specific types of makeup such as eye makeup requires a different set of guidelines to be followed, hence the answer to how do you wear makeup is provided. Eye makeup generally begins with lining the eyes with a liner which is followed by putting on the eye shadow. Eyebrow pencil colors closes to the eyebrow color must be used in addition to using a lash curler before applying any mascara.

Scents that attract men include naturally occurring fragrances or artificially created perfumes. Specific scents like aromatherapy can be more effective in attracting men in comparison to others. The fundamental reason behind this is the fact that aromatherapy acts directly upon the brain’s emotional center.  The rationale behind scents attracting human beings is based on the fact that scents send a message to the brain that bring desires and emotions to surface. Hence, reactions may promote physical activity by accelerating blood flow to the genital parts of the body. After various tests conducted by scientists, it was concluded that the most popular scents that attract men include cinnamon, jasmine and lavender.

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