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Wear The Right Color And The Perfect Fragrance To Attract Men

What colors attracts men? What scents attract men? These questions ever pop up in your head? To get a man’s attention is not always an easy task. It is not just about a sexy body and luscious lips; of course they count but colors and fragrances are the most common mistakes that women make. A wrong color or fragrance can turn off the man of your dreams. Read on for the colors that attract men.

Colors That Attract Men-The Passionate And Lusty: Red

The all-time favorite color that has been associated with love since time immemorial is RED. Research has it that women wearing red attract a lot more attention from men than women wearing any other colors. Red makes a woman look naturally sexy and strong. It defines sensuality and sexuality and it gives men a sure turn on. Red is the color that attracts men the most.

Colors That Attract Men-You Can Come Talk To Me, I Don’t Bite: Pinks And Peaches

The pinks and peaches make you look welcoming and sweet. They enhance every skin tone and give a glow to your face. Pinks and peaches are traditionally the colors for vulnerability and cuteness. Now these two characteristics bring out the natural protective instinct in men and they would want to approach you and protect you. These colors give you the soft and cozy image and makes your man feel that you are a damsel in distress and he needs to hold your hand and take care of you.

Colors That Are Repulsive To Me-Stay Away From Me: Yellows And Greens

If you want to attract a man, stand clear off the yellows and greens. Yellows and greens are colors that men find repulsive on women and are a definite turn off. That pretty sundress in yellow or the evening gown in green that you love might just not do the trick for you when you have to get your man. So leave these colors and wear the colors that attract men.

Colors That Attract Men & The Perfumes And Fragrances That Will Drive Your Guy Crazy

Fragrances are equally important when it comes to the art of attraction. Fragrances are what give you the mesmerizing effect on your man. You need to know the right fragrances that he finds you completely irresistible so that he can’t take his eyes off you. It is a scientifically proven fact that the right scent has a very effective turn on effect on men. The floral fragrances like rose or jasmine or lavender are found pleasant and not always seductive or attractive. The seductive scents that affect men are vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin pie and black licorice. The most effective fragrances that even science proves to enhance the seduction process are pheromones. These are the tried and tested fragrances but every man’s choice may be different and what seduces him or what attracts him might be some entirely different scent. But that you get to know when you get to know him well, so for now go get his attention with the right colors that attracts men and the right scents that attract men.


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