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What Hair Color Attracts Men

It is never an easy thing to attract men because these male ones have their own preferences on what type of women they will date. However, the fact stays true that scents that attract men are still helpful to draw their attentions. Aside from those fragrances, it is fascinating to know that men are attracted to the colors of the hair of women. This may not be the whole basis of their selection of women but some say that color of the hair matters.

There is a survey conducted on what specific hair colors attract men, which reveals that 62% of the billionaires across the globe prefer the brown haired women. Blonde-haired women are on the second rank wherein 22% of them attract men. The remaining 16% are those with raven-colored hair. It was told that none of the billionaires is attracted to red-haired women. Why is that so?

Brown Haired Women

The middle tone of the mentioned hair colors above are known to be the most attractive color for men. This hair color is not so dark and not so light, just perfect to attract men in the most sensible manner. For men, this color has formal looks that women appear to be so attractive. In addition, having this kind of hair with great volume shows mature looks and formal aura.

There is no need to wonder why billionaires are interested to marry women with brown hairs because they are sure enough that the women they date are perfect to be their wives.

Blonde Is A Color For Younger Generations

Blonde-Haired Women

Young, energetic, and aggressive women are mostly having this blonde hair color. Blonde is a color for younger generations, full of life and adventure. Younger men are attracted to these women because they are great companies in travelling, adventures, and fun. Most blonde women are chic type of ladies that could really capture those glances of men.

Blonde hair colors are so feminine and have some effects of freshness of a woman.

Raven-Colored Haired women

The darkest of all colors is raven color as it is almost black. It would depend on the woman with this hair color to make some fashionable hairstyles to make it look more attractive. Men who prefer raven-colored hair women appreciate the simplicity of the color. Demure women have this hair colors. Some say that this shade has more formal effects than brown ones.

Red Hair Colored Women

The last one is the red hair colored women, which is less preferred by men according to that survey. An explanation was provided, that the reason behind the less number of men being attracted to women with this hair color is that red colors are too fashionable. Some men say they find women with red hair colors so wild and different.

There are women who are born to have their unique hair colors. It is lucky for them if they have the top three preferred hair colors that attract men because surely it would not hard for them to get their lifetime partner. For those who are not fortunate enough, hair dyes are always an alternative. As long as you are comfortable for whatever hair color your type, you can attract men in your own way.

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