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Women Seeking Men Can Try Pheromone Scented Stockings

What’s your favorite outfit when you’re hoping to attract a guy? Skin tight jeans? A beautiful dress? Any outfit with a little cleavage? Well those are all normal attractive clothing, but the ‘Daily Mail’ has another option for you, much wilder suggestion for women seeking men: pheromone-scented stockings.

Ballerina’s Hush Hush Stockings

Stockings are sensual knows one who has worn nice stockings or seen its pictures on the internet or a touched nice pair of stocking. However according to one clothing company, standard fine stockings are not sexy or sensual enough. To be really sexy, you must have Ballerina’s Hush Hush stockings, which the Daily Mail quotes, are “mixed with female pheromones” to “send out subliminal signals to attract men.” Every man will be attracted towards your subliminal signals when you are wearing these sexy stockings.


Recreate The Story of ‘Anne’ From ‘The Graduate’

The Graduate

Stockings have had a special sense of attraction since the movie ‘The Graduate’, where Dustin Hoffman played a role of pessimistic young man, fresh-out of university and with no career prospects in life. He finds himself seduced by Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson) and gets in to a flamboyant affair. In one intimate scene of the movie, Anne Bancroft slowly pulls on a pair of stockings while Dustin Hoffman stares on. In the real world, by purchasing pheromone incented stockings, you will be Mrs. Robinson (Anne). The world will be at your feet and it’s going to be prodigious.

Let’s dig deeper to find out some key features of these stockings:

  • Hold up stockings infused with a synthetic pheromone concentrate
  • Special light fragranced with a different scent
  • Adhesive strips stitched beneath lace tops for a secure fit
  • Stretchable for a gratifying finish
  • Wear for seduction (to pin down your dream man) and to boost confidence

Pheromone Scented Stockings

Pheromones are naturally produced in our body through sweat gland – although the ones used in the stockings will be produced synthetically. Some experts are of the opinion that the pheromone smell makes the brain release more feel-attracted chemicals, changing men mood for some loving.

How Pheromones Work In Human

There is just one acute problem: so far, experts haven’t actually known or doubt — how  pheromones work in humans. Experts did have some success signifying the effects of the human body odor to feel things, but currently scientific experts explains, they have had almost zero luck discovering any specific glimmers that are responsible for those reactions. However whatever’s in the stockings, it’s not female pheromones for sure but artificial pheromones that usually works to attract men. And it is not just the guys who retort to pheromones. Experts have found women attracted to men if a cloth soaked in male sweat is lying or hidden in proximity.

Women Seeking Men Can Try Them for Immediate Effect

The pheromones can create tremendous effect and is immediate: you feel more confident, attract men at first glance, and produce greater trust. Thanks to the latest and modern technology that has help produce pheromones to help you feel special, slightly like how does it feel to be in love adding more life to your sex appeal perfume and making your skin more soft and beautiful.

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